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Make an Even Bigger Impact with the Expanded SkyRise® Wall System


In June 2019, we wrote about how exhibitors can design impressive island exhibits with logistical advantages using the SkyRise® Wall System.

Surprise! Skyline Exhibits has just announced another major upgrade to their SkyRise system. Now, with the newly launched SkyRise IV, you can go even bigger and more heavily customized.

Major SkyRise design enhancements include:

  • Longer spans: Exhibits can include beams up to 40 feet long without loading or rigging, and beams up to 32 feet with loads up to 50 pounds.
  • Longer cantilevers: Cantilevered beams can extend up to 16 feet long without loading or rigging, and up to 8 feet with loads up to 50 pounds (and still without rigging).
  • Custom panel shapes: Rather than only rectangular panel shapes, SkyRise IV now includes custom angled corners that create new panel designs.
  • Windows: Clear windows of multiple sizes, also available with window graphics.
  • Flush-mounted monitors: TV or computer monitors up to 86 inches can be flush mounted with the surrounding fabric graphics for a cleaner, more sophisticated look.
  • Accessory mounting: Hard panels can be added behind the fabric graphics wherever needed for direct mounting of accessories and product merchandising.
  • In summary: Larger spans. Custom shapes. Windows. Flush monitors.

These are just some of the design enhancements to SkyRise. We are eager to help exhibitors design even more impressive island exhibits to help them stand above their competition on the show floor.