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Look In The Mirror: Is Your Trade Show Exhibit Inviting?

Your answers to these 11 questions will greatly improve your exhibit’s appearance and functionality

Look at your tradeshow booth in the mirror before a showWhile walking a large trade show recently, I couldn’t help but notice that many exhibitors did not look their best.  Why?  Most exhibit managers are orchestrating all the details of the trade show and are preoccupied, making sure everything goes “without a hitch.”  This is fully acceptable – after all, it’s a critical aspect of their job.

All I ask is that you do this at your next show:  Immediately before the show starts, walk out in front of your booth and examine it with a critical eye. Look at yourself in the mirror, so to speak!  You wouldn’t leave your home in the morning without looking your best so why start any trade show looking belowaverage?

Ask yourself these 11 questions about your trade show exhibit:

  1. Upon immediate impression, is the exhibit attractive?
  2. On a scale of 1 – 10 with 10 being the most eye-catching exhibit at the show, how would I rate the exhibit?
  3. Is the marketing message concise and is it cohesive with the company’s branding campaign?
  4. At first glance, would I want to walk into the exhibit space?  Why or why not?
  5. Can attendees move freely within the exhibit space, or does it feel too cluttered?
  6. Can the amount of items in the exhibit space be streamlined while maintaining space for essential items?
  7. Can products be shown digitally as opposed to shipping actual samples to show?
  8. How can technology be integrated into the exhibit effectively, supporting the goal of attracting and informing attendees?
  9. What is the exhibit’s “coolness score” on a scale from 1-10 with 10 being the coolest exhibit at the show?
  10. If the exhibit is not a 10, what can you do to get to 10?
  11. What ideas can be gathered from the booth staff regarding improvements to the exhibit?

Answer these 11 critical questions about how the exhibit really looks and functions and you will better tailor the exhibit’s marketing message to the branding campaign, make the exhibit more inviting to attendees and improve the overall trade show effectiveness!

Thanks to Chris Potelicki for helping out with this blog article!

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About the Author

Mark Armbrust was the President of Skyline Exhibits of Central Ohio in Columbus, Ohio.

One response to “Look In The Mirror: Is Your Trade Show Exhibit Inviting?

  1. These are all important. Also that if people who are representing the booth look their best but more importantly smile and look like they want to be there. The personal part … engaging people to interact and learn more is what draws me in.

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