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Licensing Expo: Getting Results

Licensing Expo puts Twitter posts about their show on the front page of their website.
Licensing Expo puts Twitter posts about their show on the front page of their website.

Today I was reading the Twitterstream from Licensing Expo and was pleased at how enthusiastic and positive the exhibitors were in their comments as they returned from the show.  Licensing Expo has wisely retweeted these positive comments, and they can all be seen at  Here are a few:

  • DrewLitton: I had a great time at the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas and met some great people. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.
  • PriscillaDesign: Licensing International Expo – An amazing, inspiring, challenging and motivating event to experience.
  • jfreedman: Just got home from the Licensing Show in Vegas. Good show. Lots of opportunity for branded virtual goods. Let’s discuss
  • dearcalliope: is driving back to LA today after a great Licensing Show. Now the work really begins!
  • eBrandingqueen: Vegas licensing show was a great event. Protecting brands is a start, but making $ through licensing deals is the way to secure your future
  • MarathonMkting: Licensing Expo 09 rocked! Great job Advanstar and all the Exhibitors!
  • MktgMavn: Great Licensing Expo 2009. Lots of great meetings! Impressed with show turnout and others are too. Looking forward to 2010 …
  • DSTChuck: Just got back from Licensing show in Vegas– I felt like a kid in a candy store! #LX9
  • mrryanusa: Licensing Expo was great! Full of fun ideas

Licensing Expo was so proud of these twitter messages that they put them right on the front page of their website.  It’s great to see Licensing Expo deliver on the promise of trade shows:  Face-to-face meetings that lead to serious business.

Mike Thimmesch
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