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Las Vegas Convention Center Demonstrates Preparation for Safe Return of Events


With safety being top of mind as rescheduled trade show dates start approaching, the number one destination in the US for trade shows is showing the world that it’s well prepared. Las Vegas Sands Expo Convention Center has united industry professionals and health experts to ensure best practices at future meetings, conventions, and trade shows.

The event center executed a mock trade show event to demonstrate its high level of preparedness.

From each guest’s arrival experience to their trade show hall experience, every touchpoint along the way has been considered.

When an attendee arrives, they’ll see a range of safety measures being taken. A few being:

  • Thermal scanning
  • Health and safety signage
  • Personal protective equipment requirements
  • Hand sanitizer stations
  • Floor graphics indicating distancing recommendations
  • Arrows to maintain traffic flow
  • Frequent cleaning of surfaces

Even registration has been well-thought-out to maximize touchless technology options. Guests will experience:

  • Online pre-registration
  • Digital badges
  • Specific check-in times for crowd minimizing
  • Scheduled on-site registrations
  • Touchless registration options

From the trade show floor to keynote addresses, attendees can expect a thought-out plan for keeping guests distanced and safe. They’ll notice:

  • 6 feet of aisle width separation
  • Specific entrance and exit locations
  • Physical elements to reinforce distancing
  • One-way aisles
  • Spaced seating
  • Reduced session times
  • Increased number of breaks
  • Directional and spacing signage
  • Hand sanitizer stations
  • People counters to manage occupancy

There are numerous ways that will keep visitors distanced and safe when entering booths:

  • Setting appointments for meetings and tours in advance
  • Signage for physical distancing
  • Limited handouts
  • Table surfaces cleaned between uses
  • Seating with plexiglass for safe conversations

Food and beverage safety are also a top priority for those being served and seated to enjoy a meal. Food and beverage areas, like all other areas, will implement floor graphics for distancing, specific exit and entryways, and hand sanitizer stations, as well as:

  • Table and chair cleaning between use
  • Hosts managing space occupancy
  • Masks allowed to be removed only when sitting and eating
  • Individually wrapped food items
  • Touchless payment options

The ‘Venetian Clean’ commitment implements over 800 initiatives, all to make the best possible effort to keep attendees, exhibitors, and staff protected. Las Vegas Sands understands that meetings mean business, and they’re dedicated to adhering to federal, state, and local guidelines. With extensive measures being taken, from instant temperature checks when entering the facility, leveling up on HVAC cleanings for upgraded air filtration, and monthly COVID-19 testing for facility staff members, along with the many other initiatives being taken, the Sands is confident in their preparation for bringing meetings back safely to Nevada.

Many returning events are also pushing other facilities to take similar actions.

We believe that with measures like these being taken, trade shows are about to pick up traction as the world seems anxious to begin trading again. This excites us at Skyline Exhibits because we’re prepared to help businesses find their feet again in the trade show world. If your trade show has been rescheduled, let us know how we can help – whether you need an exhibit design that is more social-distance friendly, upgraded graphics or signage for separating attendees, or just want to chat about what to expect at live events when they return – we can help you determine the best way to come back prepared!

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