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Lady Gaga Announces Partnership In Polaroid’s CES 2010 Trade Show Booth

Polaroid announces a partnership with Lady Gaga at their booth at CES 2010Polaroid surprised the digital world by snagging a partnership with the supremely popular Lady Gaga, which they announced in their booth at CES 2010.

This is more than your usual celebrity appearance at a trade show booth.  Lady Gaga is not having her face put on a product, but is partnering with Polaroid for her “artistic vision,” she said.   Lady Gaga will take on the role as Creative Director, working with them on future products.

On CNBC, Lada Gaga stated the goal of her Polaroid partnership is to “Keep the iconic nature of Polaroid, but bring it into now what is a digital era for cameras and to bring back the lifestyle of taking photos.”

Click to see good pictures of Lady Gaga making her announcement in the Polaroid exhibit, and catch some of the excitement in this short YouTube clip showing her walking through the exhibit.

Skyline designed the 70′ by 100′  exhibit with rental and purchased elements for Polaroid several years ago.  This year, to reflect new branding and their new marketing strategy, Polaroid was able to make changes to the configuration and the graphics with less cost and effort, due to the modular nature of their Skyline trade show exhibit.

You can see more images of an earlier version of their Skyline exhibit here.

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  1. Not really like the sound of Lady Gaga, but damn this is good for the comeback of polaroid. If she promote it a little, polaroid is back in no time

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