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Key Ways to Choose an Effective Giveaway for Your Trade Show

Giveaways Play a Key Role in the Success of Your Trade Show Booth

While an enticing trade show display is important, it’s not the only ingredient in a company’s recipe for success. Giveaways are a huge component to consider before exhibiting at a trade show. While some companies refuse to use promotional giveaways altogether, savvy business owners understand that they play a key role in setting themselves apart from the competitive masses.

What To Consider When Determining Your Giveaway Strategy

At Skyline, we often partner with clients who are trying to pinpoint the exact item to hand out at their trade show booth that will yield optimal return on investment. While the process can initially seem overwhelming, putting together a simple plan of action can instantly help streamline their selection experience. The first thing to consider when creating a plan is to focus on your business’ specific budgetary needs and constraints. All too often, business owners mistakenly assume that “freebies” won’t prove expensive. This simply is not the case. Always put together a specific budget to ensure that you don’t suffer a severe case of sticker shock when billed for your selected item.


Once you’ve created a budget, it’s time to think about what your objectives are in handing out freebies to guests at your trade show stand. If you’re simply trying to broaden the reach of your brand, there is a wide selection of items to choose from to help you achieve that goal. However, if you’re a fledgling organization hoping to get your actual product into the hands of your prospective customers, you’ll want to choose giveaways directly from your merchandise line. Free samples, coupons and promotional discounts can all serve as giveaways helping you achieve these particular business objectives.

Additionally, knowing your company’s targeted consumer niche can also help ensure that you optimize results with your freebies. Sure, there are many cool and clever items to choose from; but, will they resonate with your specific customers? Finding something that your consumer demographic can relate to and find useful can help build brand recognition and loyalty.

Finally, always work with your staff to help them understand that not everyone deserves a giveaway from your organization. Leaving all your giveaways in a bowl for passersby to snag does virtually nothing to propel the momentum of your brand forward. Encourage your team to engage with every guest before giving away a giveaway as a means of pre-qualifying every visit as a lead.

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Kristie Jones-Damalas is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing and a Partner of Skyline Event Services. Kristie’s goal is to help her clients get the most out of their trade show and event marketing. She believes that successful trade show and event marketing is innovative, interactive, inventive and challenging! Her passion is to help her clients with Cleveland trade show displays. For more information on trade show displays, trade show booths, and trade show exhibits in Cleveland, please visit

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