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Keeping Your Trade Show Displays In Good Shape, Even Between Events

If your company owns trade show displays, rather than renting them, it’s vital that you store them correctly in between shows.  Not taking care of your exhibits means that you could face hefty repair bills when it’s time to attend another event, or worse, you might discover that the display is broken beyond repair.

In order to keep your exhibit in excellent condition, use these tips when storing trade show displays:ts displays in good shape

Tip #1: Inspect Your Trade Show Displays Before You Store Them

Before you pack up your trade show exhibits for storage, it’s important to do a full inspection.  Once an event is over, have one of your employees walk completely around the exhibit, inspecting it from top to bottom. Look over the graphics to make sure that there aren’t any rips, tears or spots where the ink has faded significantly.  Also, look to make sure that there aren’t any damaged areas on the frames and check that all the hardware is included so that it’s easy to install the exhibit the next time you need it.

Tip #2: Store It In A Specially Designed Case

Most trade show displays will come with a specially designed carrying case, but if yours doesn’t, make sure to ask the company that designed it if you can purchase one.  These cases are made out of a hard, molded plastic and will have special cutouts for individual pieces made out of foam.  These cases will help protect each piece of your exhibit, but they will also help ensure that you have all the parts to your display before it’s packed away for storage.

Tip #3: Keep Your Cases Out Of Intense Heat Or Cold

Major temperature fluctuations can cause damage to your exhibit so it’s a good idea to keep the storage cases out of intense heat or cold.  If you don’t have storage space available in your office and you have to pay for off-site storage, look for one that is temperature-controlled. This will ensure that your exhibit stays at a constant temperature throughout the year, even as the mercury rises in the summer and falls in the winter.

Tip #4: Watch Out For Water Damage

Lastly, it’s important to watch out for water damage. If possible, look for a storage space that’s located out of any local flood plains to mitigate the potential for water damage.  While you can’t always plan on flooding, especially in case of accidents like a burst pipe or natural disasters, you can minimize the chance that your trade show booth is damaged by water. Also, check for any excess moisture in the storage unit because this means that there is the potential for mold growth.

Using these tips are just a few of the many things you can do to help ensure that your trade show display stays in good shape even when it’s not being used.  Take the time to fully inspect each piece before it’s packed away and use a specially designed case that offers maximum protection.  Also take care to avoid major temperature changes and be aware of the potential for water damage to keep your display in the best possible condition.

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