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How to Integrate the Right Infotainment into Your Exhibit

Trade shows and events are full of exhibitors trying to grab the attention of attendees. Infotainment, the idea of educating and sharing information while entertaining your audience through games or interactivity is a great way to attract your audience. As long as you choose something that meets your marketing goals and is appropriate for your industry, you can expect better engagement.

infotainmentUsing Games to Liven Up Your Booth

Attendees are at the show to get information about new products and services, but after a while, fatigue sets in. Playing games in your trade show exhibit offers a new way to learn about your company while adding some fun to the mix. The best attractions both educate and entertain.

If you want to liven up your trade show exhibits, adding attractions such as contests and raffles might do the trick. For more dramatic flair, money cubes, photo booths, video games, prize balls, and treasure chests are attention grabbers.

Turning the Focus of Amusements to Your Brand

How do you choose the right types of games? Your goal at the event is to acquire leads, not to provide an amusement park guests. You want to offer “infotainment,” not just “entertainment.” Both approaches offer enjoyment, but infotainment allows you to tie in your brand and information into the game or entertainment.

How do you turn attractions for trade show exhibits into functional tools to advance your brand? There are a few ways to incorporate infotainment into your booth:

  • Most gaming devices offer a personalized option, so you can have the case or the background for the game emblazoned with your logo or advertising message. Some products such as photo booths can be fitted with vinyl skins that bear your advertising.
  • You might incorporate what your company offers into many games. For example, on a slot machine, you can replace lemons or cherries with products. On a prize wheel, you can have prizes that correspond to your offerings in each of the landing spots. If your game requires answering questions to qualify, focus the questions on your company offerings and services.
  • You can also offer games where players can win gift certificates or discounts off of your services or products.

 Fitting Games into Your Booth

Once you decide on the best attraction for your trade show exhibits, your next challenge is to position the game properly in your booth. Choose games that appropriate for your exhibit size and make sure there is enough room traffic and space to play.

Most importantly, make sure your booth staffers have room to walk around and talk to the attendees in the booth. Get great leads and information from participants and don’t let them play without a little conversation before or after.

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About the Author

Larry Zollo is a recognized leader in the Trade Show Marketing industry. As the President at Skyline Exhibits & Graphics, he has over 30 years of expertise with trade show displays, exhibits, and booths in Connecticut. Larry has been the presenter or guest speaker at over 50 industry events. He believes that to make any marketing program successful, it is all about clear communication coupled with excitement and engagement. Sounds simple, right? “Gaining qualified leads and more sales at-bats for your sales team is always the goal”.

2 responses to “How to Integrate the Right Infotainment into Your Exhibit

  1. Thank you Larry for this great article,
    lots of good tips and inspirational content.
    What’s missing though is the next step: driving traffic to the stall and generating leads is worthless if not followed by proper follow-up emails.
    Every exhibitor should use a digital system to record leads and follow-up in a timely manner. That’s the secret of trade shows success.
    myfairtool offers such digital collection capability to exhibitors, maybe something to explore on your next event.
    Thank again and looking forward to reading you again!

  2. I was hoping you would discuss other infotainment options other than games. There are a wide assortment of specialized trade show entertainers who are trained to merge your company’s message with a unique form of entertainment that both engages and educates your booth visitors. I’d love to see a part two of this post.

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