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Innovative Cleaning Strategies for Your Business to Consider


With the need for cleanliness at an all-time high, many companies are doing their part in helping facilities clean confidently. This gives businesses and their customers peace of mind that proper steps are being taken to promote cleanliness and overall safety.

Here are a couple of cleaning solutions that your business can look into when preparing for keeping your staff and customers safe now and in the future. You will likely see many of these new cleaning strategies being used in the event industry as trade shows begin to reschedule and reopen.

ISSA is teaching businesses best practices.The worldwide cleaning industry association, ISSA, is helping businesses, especially the travel and event industry, get back on their feet. They’re doing their best to inform businesses how to safely disinfect and clean to protect against COVID-19 as they open their doors back up to the public. ISSA’s program is being pursued by over 3,000 facilities across the globe, including hotels, convention centers, and airports.

While they offer many free resources and tips, you can also invest in their online training course, GBAC STAR™ Facility Accreditation Program. This accreditation program made specifically for facilities covers outbreak prevention as well as response and recovery. Facilities with accreditation in this course will be able to establish and maintain their cleaning program to minimize risks associated with infectious diseases. This especially includes infectious agents like the novel coronavirus. Accredited facilities will also hone proper cleaning protocols, techniques to disinfect, and best practices for combating biohazards and disease. The course learnings will ensure that the cleaning workers at the accredited facility are confident in their training for outbreak preparation and response.

The education, training, and resources that ISSA is offering to guide businesses on best practices may be a great option for your business to promote a safer and healthier community in which you conduct business. We’re likely to see many event holders taking initiative and educating themselves further in this course to ensure safety at future events and trade shows.

Belfor has prioritized their 3-Step Clean System services.Belfor, whose mission is to provide valuable solutions for its customers, is working hard to respond to the current pandemic. Their current efforts include offering innovative cleaning and sanitizing solutions for businesses and facilities.

Their 3-Step Clean System utilizes disinfectants – that when combined with their unique antimicrobial surface protectant – offer much longer-lasting protection on surfaces. When surfaces are cleaned with only commonly used disinfectants, microbial contaminants can begin to grow within hours of disinfecting that surface if there is continued use of those touchpoints. However, when Belfor’s antimicrobial surface protectant is also applied, common surface touchpoints like door handles and elevator buttons can be protected for up to 90 days!

This longer-lasting protection between regular cleanings is the new groundbreaking cleaning solution that many businesses and event centers will be seeking to keep their facility as safe as possible.

The unique Belfor 3-steps are performed only by professionals who will come to your facility and complete the system. The first step involves utilizing their disinfectant that kills 99.9% of viruses, yes, coronavirus included, as well as bacteria, fungi and mold. Containing no harsh chemicals, this eco-friendly solution is non-corrosive, non-abrasive, and safe for everyday use, even on food contact surfaces.

Step two requires applying their BIOPROTECT™ RTU Antimicrobial Surface Protectant. This formula forms a shield protecting against microbes. Their patented technology creates a layer of spikes to mechanically kill any bacteria, mold, etc. by piercing and rupturing their cell membrane, preventing their ability to grow.

Step three is where Belfor certifies the property to let others know that it’s been cleaned with highly advanced technology.

Belfor has extensive experience in decontaminating and disinfecting – their services are currently used in healthcare facilities, schools, stores, one of the first commercial airplanes to enter the US at the very start of the COVID outbreak, and even the Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan after the COVID outbreak onboard.

If your facility is doing everything it can to continue driving business while also reducing the risk of infection, illness, and cross-contamination, the 3-Step Clean System may be a great option to implement. We can already expect many event venues to take on this highly advanced cleaning option to keep attendees and exhibitors safe.

These are just a couple of the innovative cleaning solutions we are seeing expand into businesses across the world. As the trade show industry regains traction, these promising cleaning methods give us confidence in the future safety of live events.


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