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How To Use Social Media More Effectively In Trade Show Marketing

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We recently hosted a seminar in Columbus, Ohio on social media and trade shows, and I wanted to share some interesting tips we learned from our panel of four social media experts.  I’ll write one tidbit I learned from each member of the panel and then you can click on each link below to see a short video clip from each panelist giving you their own tip in person (turn up your sound to hear them better!).

24/7 Interactive
Will Burris

Will kicked off our seminar by discussing social media strategies.  He mentioned that in our networked age “sitting on the sidelines is not optional” and that we must strive to find value with all new technology.  Will went on to present 6 Focal Points for the new digital age and related each one to pre-show, at-show and post-show marketing.

In Focal Point #1 of Will’s presentation (Information), he recommends creating a Wikipedia article, Slideshare presentation, or blog post before the show and sending it to your network of contacts and to the show attendee list.  Next, set up a contest where whoever can get your article or presentation re-tweeted at least three times can come to your booth to claim a prize for helping you spread your message.  This is a unique twist on pre-show marketing with a social media flavor!

See all of Will’s presentation, including his other 5 points, here.

Hear Will in person talk about getting engaged with technology in this short video clip: 


Virtual Partner
Tiffany Odutoye

Tiffany focused her presentation on mobile media imploring that “the future is now” in mobile technology.   Tiffany demonstrated that we can use a company called Poll Everywhere to receive instant feedback through the use of our cell phones.  At the seminar, Tiffany had the audience either text or reply on Twitter to the question, “How helpful was this training session?”  We received instant feedback in real time (there were four multiple choice answers that could be responded to) and we were relieved when the instant poll showed favorable results for our seminar!

Connect live audience polling to trade show marketing and you can understand how amazing it would be to be able to receive immediate feedback at your trade show exhibit during the show.  How about providing one or two questions to booth attendees which ask them to reply to questions such as:  “What did you think about our new product introduction?” or “Tell me which product you saw in the booth today interested you the most?”  A simple take away card with a couple of questions and instructions about how they can quickly text or reply on Twitter to your questions might create the best feedback of your entire show… and it would be immediate.

Learn more about Poll Everywhere:

See all of Tiffany’s presentation by clicking here.

Hear another tip from Tiffany about remembering what matters most in this short video clip: 


Social Business Strategies
Nate Riggs

Nate discussed ten ways we can use social media in our trade show marketing efforts.  His tip #1 was to use Flowtown to locate show attendee profiles.  Nate explained that this web based tool allows you to enter email addresses for prospective attendees and then receive a list of all other social media that person is connect to at this time.  This allows you to build a social profile of your attendee before they even enter your exhibit.  More information before the show = better results when you meet that person at the show. 

See Nate’s other nine tips by clicking here

Hear Nate speak about the humanization of business in this short video taken after our seminar: 


An OnScene Production
Eric Leslie

Eric focused his presentation on the “Tools for telling your story online.”  For example, to shoot short video clips, Eric recommends the Kodak Zi8, primarily because it is one of the only flip video cameras on the market now that  has an external microphone hookup for better sound in noisy environments like trade shows.  Click here to visit the Kodak Zi8 web page.  

Hear Eric about remaining authentic online in this short video clip:


In summary, there are many other tips included in the actual linked presentations from Will, Tiffany, Nate and Eric.  It will take some research to determine what will work for you but set a goal for yourself to try a minimum of three new technologies in your trade show marketing efforts this year.  You may be surprised with your results!

Thanks again to our presenters and to everyone who made our seminar a great success.

About the Author

Mark Armbrust was the President of Skyline Exhibits of Central Ohio in Columbus, Ohio.

3 responses to “How To Use Social Media More Effectively In Trade Show Marketing

  1. This information is great. It is great insight into today’s digital marketplace. Check out the NY Tech Summit site Course “Unified Communications, Wireless & Core Networking” for some great articles as well.

  2. I believe it is important to expand and try several different methods in any type of marketing and once you have a broad test completed then what I do is run several smaller test on the methods that have worked and fine tune them to bring the best results.

    Most people don’t do much testing and even more will not track the specifics of the trial.

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