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How to Shift Your Social Media Strategy for COVID-19


Have you had your business’s social media content planned out for months, making COVID-19 feel like a wrecking ball into your online marketing strategy? It’s important to continue connecting with your audience during this time, regardless of the circumstances impacting us all. The convenient part about conducting a social media strategy around this pandemic is that we’re all in the same boat, so your content becomes that much more relatable to your entire audience. Here you’ll find a handful of social media strategies to keep you moving forward.

Focus on being an industry leader by offering resources and knowledge, even if that looks different than usual for you.Even though times have changed, your business’s social media strategy should still be offering up valuable content for its audience. You may have had plans to talk about the latest trends in your industry or share other bits of knowledge that aren’t as relatable for your audience right now because of the changes occurring in business and everyday life.

Rather than continuing to share irrelevant content or no content at all, shift gears and focus on the topics that matter to people right now.

For example, focus on the topic of ‘working from home.’ With businesses being forced to close their doors, some have been lucky enough to stay open while allowing their employees to complete their work from home. This might even include your business.

Since working from home is a new commonality among a vast number of people, newly remote employees are always seeking ideas to help them get through the day in this new and unfamiliar setting.

Use your social media platforms to offer tips about working from home. This could mean discussing ways to be more efficient, ideas for staying focused, tips for keeping your kids busy while you work, or all the above! You could even use ideas that your employees have been utilizing themselves to make more of a personal connection with your audience.

Another way to show that you are a thought leader in your industry is by sharing with your audience the ways you have devised to keep your employees and customers safe during this time.

Since being a leader in your industry means that others are going to look to you for advice and perspective, it’s important to have a response to these types of futuristic questions. Making sense of what is happening and sharing your own thoughts on what the future may hold for your industry is a good place to start. However, don’t be too specific as nothing in the future is for certain. But if your industry is likely to be headed in a certain direction, people will appreciate your perspective on how things may change, and how to prepare themselves to move forward.

Continue spreading positivity, even more than you were before.It’s important to stay positive on social media because it will stick out to your audience. In the midst of bad news, good news and positive content are always appreciated and noticed.

If you’re in an industry that allows your business to give away products through contests that you run on social media, then you are definitely at an advantage! Giving away your products through online contests that require sharing, liking, following, and commenting can be very positive for your business. These giveaways boost awareness of your brand as people share your post or comment and tag their friends as an entry. It can grow your social media following as more people enter and follow you to stay tuned for the winner announcement. It can get people excited and create a positive perspective on your brand. Giveaways are a great option to do on social media to spread some positivity.

If you’re not in an industry that allows you to give away products, discounts are always appreciated as well! You could also run a giveaway that is less geared toward your products or services and more toward something that people need right now. Gift cards, spa packages, and gift baskets are all always great giveaway items too!

Another way to spread positivity is by sharing positive news highlights. This is something that is far outweighed by negative news highlights. So, sharing any positive news is always a way to spread a little hope to your followers.

Continue to focus on the future.Don’t stop working to make your business even better. Maybe your doors are currently closed, you’re only filling your store at half capacity, or you simply aren’t able to give your customers the experience that you want because of certain restrictions. Maybe it’s not business as usual, and maybe it won’t be for a while. However, it eventually will get back to business as usual with time. Bettering your business should still be a continuous effort, even when times are weary and hard.

Find ways to better serve your audience. Use polls on your business’s social media accounts to ask questions. Find out more about your audiences’ struggles, their problems, their frustrations, and their goals, so that you can gear your products and services to help them even better than before. Send out surveys and be sure to include open-ended questions to give your customers a chance to truly voice their opinion.

Make sure to listen to the responses that you get and put them into effect whenever possible. Doing this will show your audience that you really do care about them. Finding ways to make your buyers’ experience better (maybe not currently, but down the road), should always be one of your goals as a business. And even though you may not be able to put some of the feedback you receive into action right away, hold onto this insight, because understanding your audience is a valuable asset that can help set you apart from your competitors.

There are many ways that businesses can be utilizing their social media during this uncertain time. Continue to be an industry leader, continue to be a positive beacon, and continue to focus on the future. As hard as times may be, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. If you decide as a business to continue pushing forward and not give in to difficult circumstances, your audience will take notice.


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