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How To Get 125 Square Feet Of Bonus Display Space In Your Trade Show Booth

For most, bonus display space is everything when it comes to an island display. If your budget doesn’t have room for a hanging sign, tower displays are a great alternative to offer advertising you can see from 100 meters away. Adding that extra brand recognition is quickly becoming a priority in a larger booth. Could your company’s trade show booth make a bigger impact if it had an extra 125 square feet of display space? And what if that bonus space were lit and prominently displayed above the height of the standard eight-foot backwalls most companies use at a trade show? Consider the benefits of back lit tower displays.



  • Found Space – A 16-foot tall tower display has sides approximately four feet wide. A square-footprint, 16-foot tower has about 250 square feet of display space on its surfaces, and half of that space rises above the standard eight-foot back wall height. You give 16 square feet of floor space in your booth and get 250 square feet of display in return; 125 square feet of that is found space, positioned perfectly to attract traffic from across the room, and expose far greater numbers of attendees to your brand and message.  Ensure you check for any height restrictions for your show that apply to your booth size.
  • Convenient And Economical – Building a 16-foot tower in your booth may sound like a daunting task, riddled with costs like added drayage and I&D, but there are portable options which make transport far less expensive and set-up surprisingly convenient. With an inflatable or portable frame tower, your team can set the tower up in short order with little to no professional installation & dismantling help. Some of the better-designed units can be packed into a suitcase or a hard-case that can be check as luggage on the flight with your team, or easily transported in a passenger car.   Some show venues will allow you to build your own display if you are the exhibitor while some will not.  Plan to check on that ahead of time.
  • Backlighting – The benefits of back lit tower displays are at once obvious and surprising. People are attracted to light, color, sound, and motion, and a tower display gives you the opportunity to grab their attention with light and enhanced color; you can add monitor mounts for motion and sound, too. The key to effectively using back lit tower displays is to choose the right tower in the first place. There is a wide variation in quality, and this is one place where it’s critical to get the best quality you can afford. Backlighting your custom graphics will make quality printing on premium material look amazing. Make sure the backlighting fits with your design and really makes the image “pop”. Backlighting low quality printing will accentuate any flaws like blurring, pixelation, or muddy colors, and budget fabric can give your back lit graphics “hot spots,” which can shift your colors, unbalance your graphic design, and generally give a bad impression.


What Will You Do With Your Found Space?

If you want to get the most out of your next island booth, start thinking about how you will display your brand in the new found space. Gaining three or four huge display surfaces offers a lot of opportunities to get your brand and message noticed. Well thought-out design is the key to taking full advantage of those opportunities. Ultimately, you’ll want to work with a graphic design professional to pull a finished look together – a full-service trade show supplier like Skyline will have in-house graphic designers to help you – but it’s helpful to know a few basics, and maybe sketch out some ideas on your own. Especially when you’re working with a surface that’s much taller than it is wide, your design is likely to have a vertical flow, starting with your logo and company name at the top, and that portion of the design will be on every face of the tower. Place identical messages on every side, or design individual graphics for each side, unified with your visual branding at the top of each. Display a different product or service on each side, or design two panels, used in pairs on opposite sides of the tower.


As you seek to maximize your brand impact and results with a limited budget, you will find towers to be a useful tool. From easy inflatable towers to structural backlit units, towers provide varied benefits. Their height and dimension provide added visibility for your brand without sacrificing floor space. Multiple surfaces give you an easy way to segment your messaging in an organized way and to have surfaces for technology integration in the form of monitors or tablets. Backlit fabric can provide a unique look and ambient light and their interior can be a clever way to get unexpected concealed storage. Multiple benefits are awaiting your next island exhibit with the addition of towers.

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