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How To Batch Your Trade Show Tasks

Batch Tradeshow Exhibiting TasksThis may seem obvious, but more often than not, it is the simple things that can make the biggest differences.  For anyone who has had to coordinate an event or trade show exhibit, you know that there is never a shortage of things to do; and there is certainly a lot that goes into a successful trade show.

Batching is a simple and effective way to really maximize your time and effort.  We do this on a regular basis already when we run errands or have a lot of things to do, but we can apply this principle to almost all of the tasks we need to do.  Let’s look at some activities that we can batch that will really save us some time pre-show, during and after a trade show.


There is always a ton of things that need to go in to a successful trade show.  Here are some of the tasks that you can batch together that will help reduce the amount of time you will spend on these tasks:

Reservations:  Hotel, Flights, Restaurants, Personal invites, VIP invites to your trade show booth.

When planning for any large event I find it is easier to get all of the reservations/flights/etc. done in one sitting.  This ensures that I cover all of the reservations that I need to make, as well as invite any VIPs that I need to.  The big time saver by doing all of this in one sitting is that tasks like these can really drag out.  We all want to get into the best hotel and find the cheapest flight, but often times we take way too much time to make these decisions.  The cost savings will not justify the amount of time you may have wasted trying to find the perfect option.  We have too many options these days; read The Paradox of Choice by Barry Schwartz  or listen to the TED talk to hear why having too many options is paralyzing us.  Get all of these things done all at once and move on.


During the Show

Try to coordinate your appointments together so that you can meet with all of your clients on one day.  This can get tricky and you do need to accommodate your client’s needs first, but having scattered appointments throughout a 3 or more day show can make the already crazy show floor even crazier.  This may take some coordinating, and you certainly need to allow enough time for each client, but it will allow you to focus on those clients and not have to worry about all those appointments throughout the whole show.

After the Show

As we’ve learned from our Successful Trade Show Marketing Strategies Seminars, the follow up after a show is one of the most important parts of a successful show.  This is a great opportunity to batch tasks because a lot of these activities are going to be repetitive and potentially time consuming.  If you can batch all of your “A” priority leads into one group and focus on them first, then move on to the “B’s” then “C’s” and so forth, you will be able to focus more on the leads and not get distracted by all of the work you missed while at the show.

Other than the obvious advantages of batching your tasks, this allows you to better focus on related activities.  As we learned in a previous post, 3 Ways To Get More Out Of Your Day, switching tasks is often a big time waster and takes an average of 11 minutes to switch from one task to another before you are fully engaged again in that activity.  The less switching you have to do the better.  Batching your tasks can help you better focus on what needs to get done.

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Jordan Hanlon was a New Business Development Analyst at Skyline Exhibits, located in St. Paul, Minnesota.

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