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How to Add Space to Your Exhibit Floor Plan by Utilizing Storage


Now that the world is starting to get more of a grip on the COVID-19 pandemic and trade shows will soon be able to resume, the next steps will include plenty of reevaluating. One large piece of the puzzle for exhibitors to think about moving forward is the floor space in their booth. Now more than ever, it’s extremely important to create exhibit floor plans that are spacious and open, easy to navigate, and that look appealing and inviting.

A large piece of this puzzle involves storage space within a booth.It’s not uncommon for exhibitors to overlook storage options when planning for their next trade show. Exhibitors may be so concerned about the curb appeal of the booth, that their neglect to think about storage space could affect the overall look and feel of their exhibit.

To avoid eyesores like purses sitting in corners, jackets draped across chairs, and laptops randomly sitting out on tabletops meant for meeting with customers, storage space is something every exhibitor will want to consider. Think about it, why would you invest in a branded exhibit only to have your booth staff have nowhere to put their belongings? You certainly don’t want your staff’s personal items to become a part of your exhibit!

Table systems are the perfect solution for maximizing space.To make sure that your next trade show exhibit looks its sharpest at all times, one functional option to look into is a table system. Putting a table system in your booth will give you easily accessible storage space that will double as a functional workspace, or as a barrier between you and your booth guest to ensure you are practicing proper social distancing. With this system, you can keep things protected and out of sight. Not only will it open up space for the necessities in your booth, but the clean and spacious feeling will also keep guests comfortable. Ensuring that attendees feel safe and comfortable will be an added expectation to plan for at future events.

Table systems work great for many reasons aside from simply hiding items you don’t want out in the open, including:

  • Adding counter space for products
  • Creating surfaces for promotional items
  • Functioning as reception desks
  • Customization options to add your own graphics, ensuring a seamless look in your exhibit. If your needs change, table systems are also able to have graphics interchanged from show to show!
  • Some even offer custom built-in seating options that double as storage. If you’re looking for a way to keep guests feeling comfortable with plenty of seating to sit and chat with your staff, this could be a perfect solution that includes storage space.

Don’t put hours of effort into your booth design, graphics, and layout only for it to instantly look unprofessional when it becomes a coat and purse rack. We understand that storage space shouldn’t take away from the aesthetic of your booth, that’s why we’ve found ways for it to be built-in seamlessly.

Think ahead about storage and consider these great options mentioned above. Our Skyline experts can help you decide which system makes the most sense for your booth and your needs. Reach out for a consultation today!

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