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HIMSS22 Show Recap and Highlights


HIMSS22 is the largest health care information and technology event of the year. Professionals from all over the world regularly attend this trade show to connect and learn about the latest and most innovative tools on the market. This year, HIMSS was held in Orlando, Florida from March 14 to 18. We’re excited to share a summary of the event and some key highlights.

About HIMSS22Short for Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, HIMSS is one of the biggest healthcare events in the world. From Chief Information Officers and IT consultants to information systems experts and tech entrepreneurs, all kinds of medical professionals gather at this event to educate themselves about the latest developments in the healthcare world.

HIMSS22 was a unique event because it featured both in-person and virtual options. Not only did this flexible approach allow those who were on the fence about attending the exhibition in person to still be part of the action, but it also allowed all participants to create a personalized experience that aligned with their needs and interests.

HIIMSS22 SpeakersBoth the digital event and the in-person event featured a variety of impressive speakers, so it’s understandable why HIMSS22 was such a big hit. At the in-person conference, Angela Duckworth, the founder and CEO of Character Lab, delivered a speech. Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps and retired NASA astronaut Joan Higginbotham spoke as well.

At the virtual conference, Tina Esposito, the Chief Health Information Officer at Advocate Aurora Health spoke. Gianrico Farrugia, the CEO and President of the Mayo Clinic, and entrepreneur Charles Conn also participated.

Health and SafetyAs is to be expected, the HIMSS22 show featured robust health and safety protocols for both attendees and those who were exhibiting. Some noteworthy requirements include:

  • All attendees, exhibitors, speakers, and staff were required to be fully vaccinated
  • Vaccine boosters were encouraged as well
  • Proof of a negative COVID-19 test was allowed as an alternative to providing proof of vaccination
  • Masks were encouraged but not required, based on the community transmission rates in Orange County, FL at the time of the event

The majority of HIMSS22 health and safety protocols were based on the success of the HIMSS21 show in Las Vegas — which the showrunners considered to be “safe and meaningful” for more than 18,000 in-person attendees.

Highlights and TrendsAs one of the biggest healthcare information and management conferences in the world, the speakers and exhibitors at HIMSS22 discussed a lot more than computers and the latest software programs. The following are some of the most noteworthy topics that presenters addressed at this event:

  • The importance of using lessons learned from COVID-19 as inspiration in the future
  • The importance of collecting and using data to address inequities in the healthcare world
  • The importance of data cleanliness and governance now that AI is taking on a larger role in the healthcare world
  • Ways to support clinicians as rates of stress and burnout continue to increase
  • Cybersecurity experts’ opinions on ransomware

If any of these topics sound interesting to you, you can register here for on-demand access to the virtual event here from now until April 30.

HIMSS23Overall, the HIMSS22 show went off without a hitch. In-person attendees were able to confidently show up and feel safe knowing that robust and science-based healthcare protocols were in place. Those who preferred to attend remotely also were able to take advantage of that option without feeling that they were missing out.

If you are feeling more intrigued by the 2023 show, you’re in luck. HIMSS23 is already scheduled to take place from April 17 to April 21 in Chicago, Illinois.

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