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Happy New Year! A Look Back at Skyline’s Top Posts of 2021


2021 was definitely the year for restarting live, in-person trade shows and events despite the continuing COVID-19 pandemic. Safety was once again the focus at exhibition halls, convention centers and entertainment venues across the world. And with the rollout of vaccines and international travelers once again welcome in the USA, confidence soared in the summer months. And although supply chain issues and a workers shortage have affected the exhibition industry, shows continue to avoid postponement and cancellation going into 2022. Skyline thanks all of our loyal customers for your business and we look forward to working with you in 2022.

TOP SKYLINE E-TIPS BLOG POSTS OF 2021Here are 2021’s top 10 visited, shared and liked blog posts.

  1. How SEO Is A Top New Lead Generator for Trade Shows
  2. Top Trade Show City Making Rapid Comeback
  3. How to Stretch Your Trade Show Budget Without Cutting Key Expenses
  4. Safe and Effective Food Freebie Practices for Exhibitors
  5. Don’t Forget About These Trade Show Attendee Traits
  6. 10 Tips for Developing Effective Hybrid Event Strategy
  7. Video Content: A Trade Show Marketing Must-Have
  8. Do You Know About These Budget Friendly Trade Show Options?
  9. What You Need to Know About Trade Show Shipping Today
  10. Trade Shows Will Evolve, But These 5 Things Will Remain the Same

TOP SKYLINE WEBINARS OF 2021These were the top 5 webinars we produced in terms of registrations and attendance. Feel free to watch them on demand!

  1. Social Media for Trade Show Promotions
    Are you planning on exhibiting at trade shows (in-person or virtual) or attending other events later this year or in 2022? Are you looking to promote your presence more using social media promotions? Or are you looking for new tips and best practices from experienced exhibitors? In this webcast, we will be sharing some new ideas and techniques you can use to help promote your presence and drive more attendees to your booth.
  2. Restarting Tradeshows and Events Safely for Success
    Skyline Exhibits & CORT Events present a look at effective ways companies can restart their trade show and event exhibiting programs safely and successfully. Join Kevin Dana, Executive Director of Merchandising and Product Development at CORT Events, as he discusses new tips, trends and ideas exhibitors can use at their next trade show to ensure attendees are confident when visiting their booth space.
  3. 5 Steps for Success with a Hybrid Event
    Due to attendance restrictions at most convention centers and show halls, hybrid events (part virtual, part in-person) are becoming a new key strategy to success in the trade show world. Executing them well takes additional planning on top of your traditional trade show event, but that extra effort will definitely make an impact!
  4. Ideas to Maintain Your Brand Awareness Digitally
    As live trade shows and in-person events slowly work themselves back from postponements and cancellations after the pandemic, keeping your brand “top of mind” is a critical step any business needs to take. Join us at our next webinar for some great suggestions and examples on what you can be doing NOW digitally and virtually while we wait for trade shows to restart later in 2021.
  5. Overcoming New Obstacles: Planning Ahead for Your Next Trade Show
    Trade shows and events are coming back soon! But with this great news also comes several challenges and obstacles exhibitors could face that can make your experience stressful and incomplete (supply chain delays and daily lead time fluctuation to name a few). Join us for this new webinar and learn some great tips on how you can plan ahead and make your comeback a success!


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