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FABTECH Expo 2016 Attracts Serious Buyers For Exhibitors

The FABTECH Expo in Las Vegas is North America’s largest trade show for welding, fabricating, metal forming, and finishing. The expo is co-sponsored by Fabricators & Manufacturers International (FMA), Society for Manufacturing Engineering (SME), the American Welding Society (AWS), Precision Metalforming Association (PMA), and the Chemical Coaters Association International (CCAI): The most influential professional associations in the fields.


With more than 28,000 attendees representing industries ranging from aerospace and agriculture to heavy equipment, mining, oil & gas, defense, and automotive, FABTECH gives exhibitors huge exposure and an unparalleled opportunity to make face-to-face connections and show their products to an international group of decision-makers. Among FABTECH attendees, 97 percent of those surveyed stated that FABTECH plays an important role in their decision-making process for purchasing, and 62 percent attend only FABTECH to learn about new products and technologies each year. Of the attendees who stated that they planned to make purchases based on what they saw at FABTECH, 58 percent planned to buy within six to nine months. It’s an ideal market for expanding your brand awareness, premiering new products, writing orders, and collecting quality leads.


Make Your Mark Memorable

How do you make the most of a trade show marketing opportunity like FABTECH? With more than 550,000 square feet of floor space spread over 3 halls at the Las Vegas Convention Center and 1,500 exhibitors, it takes smart exhibit design to stand out from the crowd and attract the right traffic to your booth: Genuine prospects. Start before the trade show by issuing invitations to prospects that are already familiar with your brand and products. Let them know about any product rollouts and demos you’re planning at FABTECH, and, of course, any show specials you’ll be running. Then create an exhibit environment designed to give your booth team every advantage in impressing and converting those prospects in person.


  • Create A Spectacle – Designing an exhibit for an environment like FABTECH relies heavily on making the best use of elements like motion, color, and sound, no matter what size exhibit you’re planning. This is the kind of trade show where it will pay off to field the largest display you can manage. If a large island is in your company’s budget, you’re starting with a big advantage, because you have plenty of flexible space to create something that will stop attendees in their tracks. Even in a smaller, in-line space, you can get 250 square feet of display surface from a 16-foot tower that only takes up 16 square feet of floor space, and that space is elevated and lighted, to expand the reach of your branding and message dramatically.
  • Be An Oasis – Plan your traffic flow so that your booth offers visitors a bit of respite from the frenzy on the show floor. If you’ve got space for some seating, people will stay longer and soak in your messages. Offer them a bottle of cold water, and your team gets a much-welcomed way to open a conversation, and a bit of extra face time, too.
  • Everything In Its Place – Be sure your design includes plenty of storage and display space, as open a path as possible for visitors to move through, and set aside a space for writing orders. If your space can accommodate a conference room or cubicles, you’ve got the best situation you could hope for. If your space won’t fit those, create the illusion of a private space using custom graphic banner stands together with workstations or tables.


Trust Skyline To Create Your Unique Trade Show Display

Skyline’s designers have been busy creating one-of-a-kind displays to represent the unique brand images of many exhibitors at FABTECH, and other trade shows around the world. For everything from graphics to lighting, planning and creating multimedia and interactive displays, and building awe-inspiring display structures, and prompt, certified Install & Dismantle services, trust Skyline to give your message a powerful voice.

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