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Exhibiting Out Of Town? Hotel Tips To Ensure A Successful Trip

Traveling for business is fraught with potential challenges.  Whether you’re facing major delays at an airport or other mishaps, too often something can go wrong.  Before you and your employees head out of town to attend an event with your trade show displays, use these tips to minimize the opportunities for problems to arise at your hotel.  This can help reduce stress and ensure a more successful trade show event.

Tip #1: Assign Rooms With Some Thought

If you’re trying to cut costs when exhibiting with your trade show displays, ask your employees if they’re willing to share hotel rooms. However, before you assign rooms, ask them if they have a preference for a roommate.  Putting two people with clashing personalities together could cause a lot of stress and strife when they’re in front of your trade show displays, which could make your customers uncomfortable.  Also, try not to put an early bird with a night owl.  If one person wants to sleep and the other wants to stay up to watch television, it could cause problems between roommates.

Tip #2: Don’t Wait Until The Last Minute To Make Reservationsexhibiting out of town

If the event is taking place at a hotel, chances are good that the rooms will fill up quickly, especially if there are other out-of-town exhibitors.  If you want to get a room, it’s vital that you make your reservation early. However it’s not enough to have a reservation, you want to take the time to confirm it. Confirming the reservations more than once might seem unnecessary, but just like airlines, many hotels try to oversell their rooms, which means that someone will be left without a room.

Tip #3: Make Sure The Person Who Booked The Rooms Is Attending The Trade Show

This is a mistake that exhibitors will only make once!  If you have someone in your office that is responsible for making your reservations, make sure that they’re actually attending the event with your trade show display.  If you get up to the check-in desk and that person — and their credit card — isn’t with you, it could cause check-in delays, or worse, you could be turned away.  If your administrative assistant is making your reservations, make sure that he or she puts the reservation in your name to minimize problems.

Tip #4: Watch Out For The Onsite Bar

Lastly, make sure that you’re not over-indulging at the onsite bar.  It can be tempting to let loose and enjoy a few drinks after a hard day of exhibiting in your trade show displays, but this can be a terrible idea. Other exhibitors and clients will be at the bar too so it’s important to remain professional, even while enjoying a cocktail or two.  If you notice that a coworker has had a little too much to drink, help them to their room so they don’t say something they’ll regret in the morning.

Traveling out of town with your trade show displays doesn’t have to be stressful. Instead, use these tips to ensure that your event is a successful one.

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Scott Price was President of Skyline New Jersey and is currently retired.

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  1. These are excellent suggestions. Another is to book in time to get into the show block, if they have one. Pricing is almost always better, and sometimes the “resort fee” has been waived and free room internet included. Also aware of cancellation deadlines in all circumstances.

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