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Exhibit Rental or Purchase? Don't just roll the dice.

Learn the strategy behind the game. 

How do you decide between renting or purchasing your exhibit?

This is an important decision when building your exhibiting strategy. There are many variables to consider to successfully achieve your exhibiting goals and use your marketing budget as efficiently as possible. 

Rental exhibits are not what they used to be. Nor are they limited to what you see in trade show kits. They have evolved into high-quality, unique exhibit components that provide flexibility and financial advantages. But rentals still aren’t the right solution for all brands.

In this webinar, Brian Lanning, Senior Managing Director of Key Accounts, and Lisa Venegas, Senior Account Executive, will guide you through the details to consider when choosing the best exhibit solutions for your brand. They will walk through renting and purchasing an exhibit, including the benefits and considerations. 

We will also show examples of what rental and purchase exhibits look like and explore hybrid exhibits that combine both concepts. 

This webinar provides a guide to building an exhibiting strategy that gives you flexibility, maintains your brand consistency, and stretches your marketing budgeting to increase your ROI.  

Join us on Thursday, February 16th, at 2:00 p.m. ET. 


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