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Exhibit Industry Leaders Gather To Address 3 Key Industry Issues

Trade Show Exhibitors Association TSEAThe Trade Show Exhibitors Association (TSEA), comprising the world’s exhibit marketing leaders, along with exhibit builders, agencies, show producers and other vested suppliers are openly collaborating at levels never before seen.  Results of such collaboration are expected to create new efficiencies that will ultimately serve and benefit the exhibit and event marketing ecosystem as a whole.

With that goal in mind, TSEA convened its inaugural Red Diamond Congress event, a three-day leadership summit held in Orlando, FL, April 25-27, 2010.  The event brought together many industry leaders to directly address such key issues as third-party audits and housing and labor practices.  Ground rules were laid out to all the participants to ensure open honest discussion that would help lead to building a better model for the exhibition industry.

The results included significant understanding and collaborative insight into the issues, potential solutions and a roadmap forward.  The full white paper is available on  The following are examples of the key findings and recommendations:

  • 95% of attendees believe that certified, independent, third-party attendance and demographic data would help validate continued investment in a show.
  • Housing bureaus should adopt a customer service orientation when dealing with corporate marketers, in recognition of their status as true value generators.  The needs of exhibitors and their companies should be considered at all times.
  • More efficient and effective labor management can free up allocated budget and resources.  These, in turn, can be invested into additional activities and promotions that can (1) improve the performance and increase the overall value of corporate exhibit programs and (2) enhance profit for show producers.

By the end of the Red Diamond Congress, the participant all agreed that exhibit and event professionals need to come together as a single group.  Change is only possible if face-to-face marketing unite together and ask for it.  The next steps are:

  • To get involved and become part of TSEA by joining the association.
  • Continue the conversation with your fellow exhibitors and get them involved.
  • Continue the conversation with your show producer, general contractor and other exhibition industry partners.

If you would like the white paper from the TSEA Red Diamond Congress sent directly to a stakeholder in the exhibition industry, want to become involved or have comments for the TSEA Advocacy Committee, please email or call + 1 312 842-8732.

Skyline was proud to be a sponsor of this first TSEA Red Diamond Congress.

About the Author

David Brull is the Vice President, Marketing and Membership for the Trade Show Exhibitors Association (TSEA). David has over 10 years of marketing and sales experience in both the hospitality and non-profit sectors. He is a member of the Association Forum of Chicagoland and the Taskforce Chair for the Forum’s Holiday Showcases’ Exhibitor Education Program. He holds a B.A. from National Louis University and joined the staff at TSEA in July, 2008. David can be reached at (312) 949-5795 or

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