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Dude Looks Like a Lady! How Aerosmith Can Improve Your Trade Show Experience

I have always loved music. And because my daughter is a singer/songwriter ( shameless plug), I am currently reading everything I can about the music industry. In that vein, while reading a book by Aerosmith’s drummer, this idea kept pestering me… so here we go…

How to “Aerosmith” our your way to improve your trade show experience:

  1. Walk This Way – your design, messaging & graphics — your total look and feel — should draw your audience into your space.
  2. Fly Away From Here – coordinate your staff’s travel arrangements to reduce stress and expense.
  3. Sweet Emotion – create an environment that stirs the emotion of your staff, clients, and prospects.
  4. Deuces are Wild – your trade show exhibit draw items need to create interest or leave an impression.
  5. Livin’ On The Edge – push the limits of your trade show booth space without engaging the wrath of the show design police.
  6. Dude Looks Like a Lady – do not under estimate the importance of booth staffing AND never assume they know how to dress. Make it clear and spell it out or even supply the “uniform”.
  7. The Grind – pace yourself for the duration of the show so that the last day is as fresh as the first.
  8. Love in An Elevator – remember, you are always “on” during a show…even in an elevator, put your best forward.
  9. Movin’ Out – don’t cut your possibilities short by packing up before the show closes…that last minute impression may make your show!
  10. Remember – make notes of what works well and what doesn’t and apply it to the next show. Continual improvement will help keep things fresh and only lead to more success!

Keep these song titles in mind while planning your next trade show and you cannot help but improve your results.

About the Author

Shawn Lacagnina was a sales manager at Skyline Displays of Houston in Houston, Texas.

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