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Don’t Blame Your Booth Staff

Don't Blame Your Tradeshow Booth StaffYOU the Exhibitor have invested hours and hours in meetings, discussing booth structure, how you want the booth to look, what main message you want your attendees to know, and more.  So when the booth looks great but doesn’t get the results you want, your first reflex may be to blame your booth staff.

Don’t blame them just yet.  There may be other things that were overlooked while your team focused on the exhibit design.

Did you also invest time before your show:

  1. Planning Promotions – 3 months prior to your trade show, did you gather your team to discuss how you are going to promote your upcoming show and to who?  And then execute on your plan? Suggestions for this are: send out mailers, an email campaign, add to your email signature, call current clients and prospects for a personal invite – if and where possible book appointments right at the show.
  1. Booth Staff Training – Did you set the right expectations with your staff?  Tell them you want them to Dress for Success and bring your Smile.  In the first 6 seconds as the attendee walks by your booth they will decide if they are entering it and if you are interested in them.  A big NO NO in today’s world of technology is to be disconnected with your attendees by having your interest focused more on your smart phone or eating lunch, rather than being 100% focused on the attendees who have come specifically to YOUR booth.
  1. Planning A Staff Schedule – Did you run them into the ground?  Instead, be sure each booth staff knows when they are “on” and when their breaks are.  Schedule breaks and lunches so the booth is always staffed properly – you do not want to miss out on the opportunity that came along when nobody was there.  Decide before the show how many staff you will need and what their specific roles are.

Finally, when you are at the show, lead by example.  The most important training you can give your staff is to lead by example. Managers, Executives, more experienced staff should be mixed with new or less experienced staff.  The best training is on-site training – first hand.

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Since 2006, Sandra Kennedy has been an energetic and customer-focused Exhibit Consultant at Skyline Exhibits Greater Toronto Area. Sandra assists her Toronto trade show displays clients to generate the best trade show ROI with design vision, marketing strategies, and deep industry knowledge. She and the team in Mississauga provide design, project management, asset management and logistical support to help exhibitors of all sizes bring their brand to the forefront of their market.

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