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Do You Know About These Budget Friendly Trade Show Options?


Book as many things as you can, as early as possible.
Booking booth space at a trade show right when slots open up will save you from more than just last-minute stress. Once you are completely sure that a trade show is a match for your company’s objectives (the right audience, good attendance rates from previous shows, within your budget, etc.) then there is no reason to wait to get it booked. Waiting will only cost you.

How could waiting to book your booth space cost you?

To start, many trade shows offer significant discounts for booking early.
Getting a good gauge on the number and type of exhibitors early will help show organizers better plan out a schedule, allow them ample time to create and provide informational materials, as well as numerous other factors pertaining to their show. Helping them do so will earn you a cheaper rate. You will be able to note any discount dates once you’ve downloaded the trade show’s exhibitor kit. Plus – they will be able to start promoting your exhibiting presence earlier on their website if they choose to publish their floorplans online, which means more exposure to attendees and potentially more people planning on visiting your space while at the show.

Also, when you book early, you will have more high-quality booth space options to choose from. Pay attention to location, traffic flow, and sizes of nearby booths when deciding on which space to select. Maximum traffic is most commonly near the event entrance and along the main aisles. Several shows utilize a “priority points” system for the order in which they allow existing exhibitors to choose their booth space for the following year before they open it up for new exhibiting companies to apply. If the show is one you are a regular at and you are assigned a date to pick your booth for the next year’s show (oftentimes as early as AT the show the year before), make sure you note that date/time and do NOT miss it! Missing it could result in a significant difference in the spaces you can choose from.

The closer to the date of the event, the higher the price tag will likely be. So, if you know you are going to book, don’t wait!

Having your trade show booked means that you can also book accommodations in advance, saving money.
Exhibiting at major trade shows means that nearby hotels will be filled. That’s why you’ll be at an advantage when you book a trade show early on. Booking your hotel early means LOTS of savings. To start, you will get a lower rate, as booking far in advance usually comes with much better deals than booking last minute.

You will also get first dibs on the nearest hotels. This could mean saving time and money if you plan on using a service such as Uber to transport your staff to and from the hotel rather than renting cars. In most cases, there will be hotels within walking distance (if the event hall isn’t already connected to a hotel, which is also very common) so you’ll definitely be saving money when your team can walk across the street to the trade show!

There is a balance to keep in mind though. If most of the restaurants in the host city are downtown for example, and the trade show hall isn’t – you might end up paying more to get your full staff downtown and back each night for dinner anyway. Booking early means allowing yourself plenty of time to research all your options and take all scenarios into consideration.

Also don’t forget to check the show website – or even ask your trade show organizer – if they’ve partnered up with any nearby hotels, as they sometimes offer discounted accommodations. The same goes for early flight bookings if you plan on flying your team to your event. Oftentimes, booking earlier will equate to more flight options and lower fares.

“The earlier, the better” definitely stands true when it comes to booking in advance for your trade show.

Store your booth locally to save on shipping.
If you are exhibiting in any of the popular U.S. trade show cities such as Las Vegas, Chicago, and Orlando, take the time to research local storage options. Why store your exhibit near your trade show?

Storing your exhibit locally can be more cost-effective than numerous shipments back and forth.
This is especially important if you are shipping your exhibit across the country just to store it near where your business is located. Think about the potential savings on shipping if you were to simply store it right in your main host trade show city.

Many exhibitors don’t think about this step because they might be thinking about quality assurance inspections that they need to do before shows or practicing set up with their team (which they would obviously need access to their exhibit to do). However, that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case.

Exhibit specialists with asset management programs will take good care of your exhibit in your trade show city without the extra hassle and shipping expenses.
Oftentimes you will be offered an array of services that keep you from having to lift a finger while your booth stays in tip-top shape. Some options include climate-controlled storage for your exhibit properties, full set-up preparation of your exhibit – including photos sent to you before each event, quality assurance inspections, and an inventory management system. You should be able to pick and choose which services you would like to use, and which you choose to take care of yourself.

If you are still wondering about how your trade show team can get familiar with how to set up your exhibit, that’s where I&D (Install and Dismantle) teams come in. Much like with Asset Management programs, there are many options for I&D teams locally in your host city. These experienced workers can help ease your mind while providing affordable, top quality I&D services.

Still think you need to ship your exhibit all the way back home? Try again! There are plenty of local storage options to look into that will save you plenty in shipping.

Skyline Exhibits offers Program Management and can be your resource for all aspects of your unique trade show marketing program. Skyline’s I&D and service teams are here to provide you peace of mind and ensure your exhibiting experience is consistent, no matter where your events take place. With our dedicated exhibiting consultants in cities all over North America, plus our Service Center facilities in key venue locations, you receive national reach with local service. Reach out today with questions or for assistance.