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Comfort Marketing

Comfort MarketingWhen our venturing off into the unknown causes us to feel a bit insecure and our world starts spinning out of control, we tend to reach back for our most recent piece of stable ground.  For many, it’s a trip home for a visit with the folks and some of Mom’s home cooking.

For you Minnesotans it may be a steaming hot plate of tater-tot hot-dish.

 In the marketing space, we’re all venturing off into the technology unknown hoping to grab as many eyeballs as we can.  The rapidly changing marketing platform, fueled by the internet and a legion of social media tools, can get you spinning pretty quickly.

In the middle of this frenzied technology whirlpool stands a marketing island.  An oasis for the web burdened sales professional.  A place where discussions begin and end with a hand shake instead of the letters “LOL”.

The Trade Show.
Our primal need for authentic physical interaction will never be replaced by technology.  I don’t care how compelling and interactive your Squidoo lens is.  Or, how kitschy the video is on your blog, there’s something very reassuring about walking a trade show.  The eye takes in a much broader spectrum on the show floor than it can on the small screen.  Choice and comparison are easier and not manipulated by Google’s search algorhithm.

Even though you know that many of the companies have gone to great lengths to “create” an environment uniquely suited to position their brand, you appreciate the power you have as a window shopper.

There’s a part of us that appreciates, and yearns for the opportunity to physically interact with products, services and the people who represent them.  That will never change.  What is changing is the way our market wants us to communicate with them between trade show connections.  The threads we use to keep the relationships going must be numerous and in line with the expectations of our target market.

As we all struggle to master the new tools in today’s marketing tool box, let’s capitalize on our chances to offer comfort, relevance and authenticity on the trade show floor.

Mom would approve.

About the Author

Mike Mraz, Senior Exhibit Strategist for Skyline Exhibits, brings his 30+ years of sales and marketing experience to his clients and the speaker’s platform. Mike is dedicated to increasing the effectiveness of face-2-face marketing in all capacities. Over the past 15 years Mike has presented Trade Show seminars to over 80,000 marketers across North America. He is on the teaching faculty of both The Exhibitor Show and TS2, and is a member of the EDPA, IAEE, and CEIR. Mike also produces Today’s Trade Show Minute, a bi-monthly trade show and event marketing video e-tip.

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