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Claiming Your 10′ x 10′ Space With Pop-Up Displays

If you exhibit in a 10’ x 10’ space, don’t let the size get you down. You can still be small but mighty! How do you set yourself apart from other companies in similarly sized spaces? The answer is often with pop-up displays.

Happy businessman showing three fingers, isolated on whiteWhy Pop-Up Displays Work Well in Small Spaces

Whether you are a new exhibitor or an old hand at the trade show game, the backwall is one of the most distinguishable aspects of your space. That’s where your graphics and message appear for all to see. In a large group, you might have more furniture, but in a 10′ x 10′, your intent is to not clutter up the area or block the graphics. If your backwall stands out and displays the correct design, you are in position to be competitive with other exhibitors.

Pop-up displays do an excellent job of showcasing your graphics. This type of exhibit is good-looking, highly effective, and easy to manage. There are other types of setups that work well in small spaces, but this type of booth excels for several reasons. Once you know a little more about them you’ll know why.

Five Things to Know About Pop-Up Displays

1. The construction. Pop-up displays consist of a frame that forms a structure to hold the graphics. Some are made of aluminum, but the best frames are made of fiberglass or carbon fiber. Once out of their traveling case, these frames assemble quickly and lock into place, with no need for extra fasteners. They are triangulated to remain stable, even on an imperfect floor. See some examples here.

2. Holding the graphics in place. Signage, images, and other graphic are attached to the top and sides with magnets that keep them in place. Because no fasteners pierce them, the graphics always look great.

3. Easy transport. Most of these displays come with a case that you can roll into the exhibit hall. The case holds the frame, the graphic, lights, and directions to assemble and is small enough that you can easily take it on an airplane or put it in the back of a car or SUV. A backwall unit doesn’t cost much to ship if you need to send it via common carrier. Many of the cases can even be used in the booth as convenient tables.

4. Quick set-up. These handy backwalls go together so easily that one person can do it. For a small booth, you will avoid the need for costly I&D labor.

5. Flexible for the future. Whether 10′ x 10′ meets your needs for the short-term, or whether you plan to expand in the future, your booth will work well with any additional components. With two 10′ backwalls, you can make an interesting curve, gull wing, or serpentine panel for 20′ booths.

When considering how to make an impression in your 10′ by 10′ space, you can’t go wrong with easy-to-assemble, easy-to-carry pop-up displays or backwalls.

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