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CinemaCon Expecting It’s Largest In-Person Trade Show Yet in 2021


After a successful April 2019 event, CinemaCon, like many other expos, closed its doors for the 2020 year. This crowd-drawing Las Vegas event had gained momentum in the last few years, since starting up in 2011. CinemaCon has grown to become the largest gathering for the worldwide motion picture theater industry. While the show was originally canceled, and then scheduled to take place in April of 2021, it was again postponed to its new set dates in August 2021.

Unable to guarantee that CinemaCon could present the kind of show that the industry expected in April, due to travel, logistical, and capacity concerns, managing director, Mitch Neuhauser stated in a press release, “In close consultation with our studio and industry partners, we are rescheduling CinemaCon for August, when we think we can put on the kind of showcase we do best, and celebrate the moviegoing experience with the entire industry.”

With over 80 countries in attendance in previous years, now the show plans for its 2021 event to be its biggest convention to date.Taking place at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas from August 23-26 of 2021, CinemaCon is prepared to jumpstart the excitement and buzz surrounding the box office this summer. With exclusive presentations of upcoming films, premiere feature screenings, some of the biggest Hollywood stars, producers, and directors, the show should have no problem attracting a diverse and widespread audience from the international motion picture theater industry.

CinemaCon states that their schedule will be, “broad, diverse, educational and fun, and will feature the largest cinema trade show in the world.” Attendees can expect to see theater equipment and concessions manufacturers and dealers showcasing the latest technological innovations.

Enhanced safety procedures are noted by CinemaCon.The show states that it will be ensuring enhanced security for the safety and welfare of attendees. A few notable heightened procedures include bag checks and K9 team members added. The show seems to be taking precautions for keeping attendees and workers at a safe distance apart by orchestrating a more orderly admission into The Colosseum with an organized system of stanchions.

CinemaCon has decided to come back fully in-person with no virtual option.While many returning trade shows are making the decision to move fully or partially online with their event, CinemaCon is returning fully in-person. This is likely due to the experience-driven qualities that now fill the most successful cinema owners’ theaters.

With today’s technology and innovations in everyday life driving expectations for moviegoers, theaters need to stay on top of ensuring the ultimate presentation and theatrical experience possible to guests. Optimum picture and sound quality, comfortable seating, top-notch amenities, a concession stand list that stands out, and quick and easy ticketing systems are key to staying at the top in the theater industry. It makes sense that the theater industry would prefer to come back to an in-person event to experience these things for future updates and business growth. With such a competitive market, CinemaCon will again be able to serve cinema owners by providing the opportunity to experience all these things and more in a face-to-face setting.

Seemingly well prepared and confident in what’s to come in the future of trade shows, CinemaCon shares on their website, “When it comes to CinemaCon 2021, the best is yet to come.”

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