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Exhibiting Gone Green!

Across the globe, 60 percent of consumers say that sustainability is an important factor in their purchasing decisions. By making your next trade show exhibit more eco-friendly, you won’t only be helping the planet — you’ll be appealing to the majority of consumers who care about protecting the earth! Not sure how to go green with your next exhibit? Outlined below are some helpful tips you can implement today.

Make Your Exhibit a Destination! More Travel and More Attendees in 2022

It’s time to get back into the swing of in-person trade shows. As you do, consider what your exhibits are going to do to draw in a crowd. National and international travel is increasing rapidly, which means it is more important for marketers and businesses alike to be ready to create in-person experiences that are both impactful and meaningful to all involved. As the exhibition season gets underway, what are you doing to ensure the best possible experience?

Natural Products Expo West Highlights

After taking two years off because of the pandemic, the Natural Products Expo West show returned with a big splash. The in-person event took place in Anaheim, California this year, with more than 2,700 companies exhibiting a wide range of organic food and beverage products. Here are some highlights from the 2022 trade show.

The Experience Economy: The Importance of CX in Today’s Business World

These days, the average consumer places more value on experiences than they do on products. The customer experience (or CX) matters more than ever before, and businesses that make it a priority can increase revenue by 4-8% more than others in their fields. The tradeshow and exhibiting industry is no exception to this rule.

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