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Can Your Trade Show Exhibit Do 3 Things in 3 Seconds?

Can Your Tradeshow Exhibit Do 3 Things in 3 Seconds?Depending on the size of your trade show booth, studies repeatedly find that you have 3 to 5 seconds to do three things:

1. Catch the attention of a passing prospect, 2. Communicate an effective message, and 3. Give them enough reason to pause…just enough time to allow your highly trained and motivated booth staff to engage.  3 to 5 seconds.

The passing prospect will not spend energy on figuring out who you are and/or what you are trying to tell them.  They process what they see and only if they notice it and understand it.  The only chance you have is to make sure your exhibit is Prospect Friendly.

Five things to consider:

  • Your graphics should clearly identify WHO you are and WHAT you do.

Sounds simple enough however look around at the next show and be prepared to be surprised.  Remember, your prospect is processing your message in 3 – 5 seconds.  They are not spending time to figure you out.  Your brand and message needs to be clear.

  • A picture is worth a thousand words.

A great image that highlights your message and helps tell your story allows the prospect to quickly identify with your solution.  They should be applying that scene to their situation.

  • Bullets vs Paragraphs

Bullets are far more “Prospect Friendly” than paragraphs or even complete sentences. Keep information to a minimum. Website Address is good.  Physical Address is bad.  Exhibit graphics should create questions. Use your collateral handouts to answer questions or give additional information. Again…3-5 seconds.

  • Is the exhibit open and inviting?

The desired flow of your booth should be obvious to the prospect.  How to enter your space, engage with your staff, or where to get additional information should be very clear.  Remember, any hurdle you create will encourage the prospect to simply continue on.

  • Bottom line: Keep It Simple.

Enough said.

Those 3 to 5 seconds can make or break your trade show exhibiting experience.  To make the most of that short amount of time read the What’s Working In Exhibiting white paper.  This report gives the most effective strategies and tactics to use for the 7 key areas of exhibiting.  Click here to request your free copy. 

About the Author

Shawn Lacagnina was a sales manager at Skyline Displays of Houston in Houston, Texas.

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