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AWEA WindPower2011: A High Energy Show

The Wind Power Conference and Exposition was held at the Anaheim Convention Center recently and was attended by thousands of qualified wind energy professionals.  On the first day of the show, the vibe was high energy (no pun intended) and optimistic.  Exhibitors large and small were putting their best foot forward.

The show floor had its share of smaller inline exhibitors but it was dominated by a large number of high end custom, modular and hybrid island exhibits, featuring several double deckers.  The industry had the appearance of solid capitalization and high degree of opportunity.  The big players were making a statement.

The common denominator amongst the larger exhibits was the extensive use of tension fabric, not only for graphics, but for space defining (walls) as well.  Much of the fabric was white, and utilized lighting to give it color and dimension . . . it wasn’t always the traditional printed graphics.  Some of the fabric structures had an excellent fit and finish, but there were some, even on larger exhibits, that were wrinkled, ill-fitted or semi-transparent (exposing the structure underneath).  There was also quite a bit of custom flooring in the larger exhibits – hardwood, plush carpet, etc., meshing in with the overall exhibit design themes.

No doubt there are industries thriving in our recovering economy and this is certainly one of them, at least by the appearance of this exhibit hall.  Next stop – June 2012 in Atlanta.

Here are a few pictures highlighting some of the best exhibits at the show:


Editor’s note:  Many thanks to MYR Group, Upwind Solutions, and WTEC for partnering with Skyline on their WindPower2011 exhibits!

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