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All Well-Designed Trade Show Booths Should Have These 4 Key Features

It’s no surprise that as design trends change we see more complex and elaborate graphics and content on trade show displays. These elaborate designs can be overwhelming and can also cause other very important factors to be overlooked. Read below for four key features that need to be acknowledged in your trade show booth design; it’s about more than just graphics and content.


Trade Show Booths Should Strive For Individuality

Above all else, the most important consideration for any successful marketing strategy is individuality. It’s easy to be sucked in to the latest design trends and try to match that really cool company’s color patterns, but this is not a good idea. If attendees leave a show unable to differentiate your organization from that of your competitors, then all of your efforts will have been for nothing. You are a unique company, so your custom trade show display needs to reflect that in an equally unique way. Remain open-minded about what your booth can look like and think beyond the standard designs that often populate the event floor.

Make Sure To Focus On Lighting

In most cases, the lighting within a given trade show hall is just as unflattering for trade show booths as it is for the visitors in attendance. You wouldn’t hang a beautiful painting in a dimly lit room, so why would you let your uniquely designed exhibit languish in the darkness? Use lighting to creatively illuminate key aspects of your booth, highlight samples, or to “shed some light” on important signage. By utilizing different colors and intensities of light, your exhibit can even be customized to better fit in with a desired theme or be adjusted to match the particular product line being featured. Lighting is one of the most dramatic ways to add visual appeal and should not be undervalued.

Be Sure Your Message Is Consistent

The ultimate goal of your marketing is for guests to leave with a clear image of who you are and what you can offer them. The best way to ensure that those two key points are delivered is to cultivate a clear and consistent message. Every aspect of your marketing should work cohesively together, so ensuring that your exhibit, printed materials and even staff wardrobe are consistently branded is paramount. When designing trade show booths, it’s important to understand how they will be used in conjunction with other marketing materials to ensure a unified theme.

Don’t Forget About The Floor

One last aspect of exemplary trade show exhibit design that frequently goes unaddressed is the trade show booth floor. While it may not initially seem as important as high quality signage or proper lighting, the floor of an exhibit can serve to tie together the overall appearance of the display, giving it a unified look and feel while more fully defining the space. Many show floors are concrete or tile and may lead to an unfinished look if not covered with a more appropriate material.

When you’re getting ready for your next event, double check that you have considered the above four tips to make your trade show display the most successful it can be.

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  1. A well designed interactive exhibit increases traffic and encourages good leads. “Every aspect of your marketing should work cohesively together.” …Very well said. You exhibit design is “an opportunity to continue telling the story, not just to sum everything up.”

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