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Achieve Successful and Profitable Trade Show Exhibiting Through Collaboration

Dr. Keith Sawyer, author of Group Genius states, “Collaboration drives creativity because innovation always emerges from a series of sparks … never a single flash of insight.”

The new year is here and it’s the perfect opportunity to put strategies into place to ensure a successful and profitable year of trade show exhibiting. Get your team together and develop collaborative strategies to improve communication and align internal efforts.


Here are a few tips to get the process started.

1. Map out individual and team plans

Encourage each team member to share their ideas, goals, and expectations in an open and positive environment. Work to keep the discussion on track and allow each person an equal opportunity to speak. It is important to create an environment that is mutually supportive where new ideas are welcomed and discussed. This will ensure that team members feel open to taking risks, discussing change, and communicating ‘out of the box’ ideas.

2. Choose an Idea or Concept to Work With

As new ideas and strategies are discussed, choose a few to develop further which align with the company’s objectives. This is also an inspiring opportunity to ensure your organization’s objectives are clearly communicated and understood by your team. Encourage group feedback and determine the viability of these ideas. Progress ideas further until you determine one to move forward with.

3. Develop a Strategy to Execute and Delegate Roles

Now you need to address how it will happen and who is going to do it. Have someone lead this part of the meeting and make sure someone is taking notes as the strategy is developed. Start from the beginning and work through step-by-step. The more detail the better. This will work best in a collaborative environment where team members speak up to ensure that nothing is forgotten. You may like to delegate tasks as you go or address this at the end. It is important to ensure everyone understands their role and that these are balanced effectively.

4. Set Deadlines

Work through the execution strategy and set completion dates for each step. If a certain task is assigned to someone, give them the responsibility to set their own personal deadline. Setting deadlines and goals will ensure that team members have direction and will motivate them to get the job done. Follow up on the state of the project, have the deadlines been met? If not ask why and when the task will be done. It is too easy for tasks to fall by the wayside when we get busy, so it is important to be aware of what is going on and revise deadlines as you go so that everything is ready and perfected in time for your trade show.

As you begin to think about your marketing outreach and 2014 trade show schedule, I encourage you to get your team together and simply collaborate. It is the perfect time for change, whether that change is radical or minor. Innovation stems from collaboration and you never know what you will come up with when you put your heads together.


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About the Author

Rebecca Hagen is the Marketing Manager at Skyline Displays Australia. Rebecca completed her degree in Industrial Design at Queensland University of Technology. Bec is Skyline Displays Australia’s resident Database and Eye Power Seminar Queen; she has a fantastic eye for detail and is a valuable addition to the Skyline Australia Sales & Marketing Team.

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  1. Nice article Rebecca. I would add a short one. A lot of expos are aligned to conferences and a growing trend is for them to have a theme. It is a great idea to think about how you can integrate your messaging into the overall theme of the content. It’s a tailored approach that often goes down well with visitors. Great overall strategic advice!

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