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A Trick of the Trade: Booth Staffing in an Ever-Changing Era

In today’s high-technology era, it is more difficult than ever to excite and engage your prospects. Yes, there are options of adding the newest bells and whistles to your exhibit for more attention, but with a price. What many trade show and event exhibitors don’t realize is the value that simple technology tweaks and great booth staffers can have on catching interest of potential leads.

Times are Changing

Technology has taken over. At the click of a mouse or a tap of a finger we have the world at our hands, the answers to our questions, the apps that consume our interests. Because of this, prospects are not easily impressed. They have seen it all online, so wowing them in public can be a challenge. What can you as an exhibitor do to engage them?

  • Be creative- Incorporate social media into your exhibit
  • Get noticed- Stand in front of your exhibit, not behind it
  • Be strategic- Present your company or product without being pushy
  • Be picky- bring booth staffers that will fulfill your highest expectations
  • Be interactive- give attendees an opportunity to have a hands on experience with your product

The Best Booth Staffers

Choosing the right booth staffers for your trade show exhibit is crucial for successful prospect interaction. Attendee engagement and interest often begin at the booth staffer. To create and maintain a memorable experience for them, you need to represent your company with a great staff. What qualities should you be looking for when choosing your booth staffers?

  • Enthusiastic
  • Positive demeanor
  • Eager to learn and share information
  • Confident
  • Engaging
  • Motivated
  • Knowledgeable

Training Booth Staffers

Not only should your company be choosing the best booth staffers that offer great qualities, but you should also be training your booth staffers to fit your company expectations and needs. What can you do to train booth staffers?

  • Communicate your goals
  • Role play and practice demonstrations
  • Offer training on your company, product(s), etc.
  • Request Skyline’s White Paper “What’s Working” for further suggestions

These simple tips can often be overlooked when attending an event. It is important to take a step back to consider your audience and how they may be changing. Incorporating small changes such as these will help your exhibit to stand out among the many others at your trade show.

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About the Author

Alyssa Gustafson spent the summer of 2015 working as an intern for Skyline Corporate's marketing department conducting research, organizing company events, and assisting the lead generation and customer engagement department.

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