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7 Reasons Trade Show Exhibits Really Matter

As exhibitors, we understand that a good trade show display cannot be underestimated. It is more than a booth to stand in to greet customers; it is an interactive house for customers to get to know who your business is. Exhibits and how they are utilized are significant. Below are several reasons trade show exhibits really do matter.

1. Trade Show Exhibits Define Who Your Company Is
One of the obvious things that an exhibit does is define your brand. Put yourself in the shoes of an event attendee. As you walk a show, you see that each booth provides you with a basic idea of what makes that business unique. For this reason, displays are essential in building a company’s brand.

2. They Give Your Team the Opportunity to Make Profitable Connections
Exhibits give your team the ability to interact with event attendees and form relationships that will ideally result in long-lasting, profitable relationships. The trade show floor is a great place to hold one-on-one meetings with clients, host discovery meetings, and nurture an existing relationship. These relationships start with gathering quality leads at each show and following up after.

3. They Communicate Important Information About Your Products and Services
What products or services do you offer? How much does your product cost? How does one use your product? What makes your company unique? These are all examples of questions that you can answer using your display. When deciding on graphics and messaging, make sure they align with your show objectives and will clearly show your attendees why they need to stop in your booth. When designing your booth, it may help to anticipate what questions attendees may have about your products or services.

4. They Give Attendees a Reason to Visit Your Display
Figuring out how to make an exhibit stand out from the rest is a challenge every exhibitor faces. Exhibitors must design trade show exhibits in such a way that they capture the attention of visitors and intrigue them to find out more about the company’s products and services. Before you begin the design process, check out this article to help your design and marketing objectives align.

5. They Emphasize the Unique Benefits Your Company Offers
More than simply telling potential customers who your company is and what products and services you offer, a good exhibit will also emphasize why consumers should choose your product or service over the competition. This can be said in what kind of giveaways you offer, the interactions that take place, and how you relate to the attendees. Whether your main selling point is affordability, quality, convenience, or something else, it’s important that your booth makes that feature clear and attractive to attendees.

6. They Give You a Platform to Promote New Products and Services
Launching and promoting new or improved products is perfect for the trade show floor. What better place to build excitement over the latest and greatest your company has to offer? Hosting a product demonstration and handing out free samples are just a few of the ways you can utilize your display to promote a product or service. Let your exhibit serve as a discovery place for attendees to learn why they should work with you.

7. They Allow You to Take Your Message to a Number of Locations
Face-to-face interactions will never be outdated. Booths allow companies to take the message of their brand and present it to in-person audiences all over the globe. Take advantage of the opportunity to exhibit and get your company and brand in the competition.

These are just some of the many reasons trade show exhibits really do matter.

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Kristie Jones-Damalas is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing and a Partner of Skyline Event Services. Kristie’s goal is to help her clients get the most out of their trade show and event marketing. She believes that successful trade show and event marketing is innovative, interactive, inventive and challenging! Her passion is to help her clients with Cleveland trade show displays. For more information on trade show displays, trade show booths, and trade show exhibits in Cleveland, please visit

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  1. Great ideas here! People often don’t get the importance not just of doing trade shows, but having a unique exhibit at one too. You want people to notice you!

  2. Relying on a exhibit to get noticed is like fishing without bait- there have been proven strategies to get customers to your booth more effectively than a good looking stand. I expect better from the Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

  3. Hi Kristie, I’d like to thank you for your explanation about trade show exhibits. It really helped when you said that launching and promoting new or improved products is perfect for the trade show floor. I need to forward this information and share it with my friend, she’s interested in joining any exhibits for business purposes.

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