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6 Steps to Impactful Portable Displays

Are you ready to make your exhibit the one everyone talks about? Portable displays are your secret weapon, and we’re sharing our best practices for making them memorable. Whether you're an experienced marketer or new to trade shows, these tips will have your booth buzzing with activity. 

Step 1: Get Clear on Your Goals 
What’s your objective for this event? Before you even think about design, nail down your business goals. Here’s how to get crystal clear: 

  • What’s the big message you want to shout from the rooftops? 
  • Who’s your dream audience? What do they care about? 
  • What do you want people to do when they visit your booth? 

Define your goals to keep your booth focused and achieve your ROI goals. 

Step 2: Pick the Perfect Display 
Your display is your stage, so choose carefully. If you’re unsure where to start, here’s a breakdown of portable trade show displays and their benefits. 

Banner Stand Displays
Light, bright, and super easy to set up. Perfect for showing off your brand and key messages. Plus, they won’t break the bank on shipping. 

Tabletop Display Stands
Small space? No problem. Tabletop displays are quick to set up and look polished and professional. You can layer in a custom table throw for an extra wow factor. 

Pop-Up Displays
Want to make a big splash? Pop-up displays provide a large, impactful backdrop. They are easy to assemble with customizable high-impact fabric graphics and semi-rigid panels. 

Step 3: Design for Maximum Impact 

Eye-Popping Graphics 
Your graphics need to grab attention quickly. Think bold, high-resolution images and short, punchy text. You’ve got seconds to make an impression—make them count. 

Consistent Branding 
Keep it on-brand. Your portable displays should reflect your brand’s personality with colors, fonts, and overall style. Consistency is key to recognition. 

Clear Messaging 
Less is more. Stick to your key messages and make them easy to read from a distance. Use bullet points and short sentences on banner stand displays and pop-up stands to convey your message at a glance. 

Step 4: Tech it Up 
Digital activations can transform your portable display into a mesmerizing experience. Here’s how: 

Modern eventgoers crave interactive content. Use touchscreens for product demos, videos, or interactive brochures to get attendees who stop by your trade show display involved and engaged. 

LED Posters 
Stay polished and on-brand with an LED Poster. Ideal for any booth size, single or double-sided, you can link multiple units for a show-stopping video wall. Its sleek design fits into your portable display and amplifies your message. 

Step 5: Maximize Your Space 
No matter your booth size, make the most of it with: 

Smart Furniture 
Functional and stylish furniture is a win-win. Lockable tables provide convenient storage, and comfy seating areas invite deeper conversations. 

Inviting Layout 
Keep your space open and inviting. Avoid blocking pathways, and make it easy for attendees to stop by and chat. 

Step 6: Engage Like a Pro 
Your portable display is set. Now it’s time to shine. Engage with your audience by: 

  • Greeting them with a smile. 
  • Asking qualifying questions to understand their needs and interests. 
  • Demonstrating your products or services with touchscreens and tablets. 
  • Collecting contact information to continue the conversation. 

Are you ready to rock your next trade show?

Explore our range of lightweight, portable banner stand displays, pop-up displays, and digital activations. Contact us today to make your next exhibit a showstopper! 

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