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6 Reasons Why Trade Show Displays Are Promotional Powerhouses

tradeshow promotional displaysSometimes trade show displays get a bad rap simply because they’ve been around for such a long time.  Wrongfully categorized as the dinosaurs of the promotional world, many companies decide to exclude them from their comprehensive marketing mix.  Instead, they decide to move forward with newer advertorial innovations and online efforts rather than exploring what setting up a trade show booth at a marketing event can deliver.  All too often, these entrepreneurs realize too late that the notion that trade show booths and exhibits are outdated could not be further from the truth.

Tradeshow Booths Have Stood The Test Of Time For A Multitude Of Reasons

When it comes to considering trade show stands as part of a business’ promotional blend, it’s critical to recognize that there’s a reason why these advertorial options have withstood the test of time.  Unlike other initiatives that spike in popularity, only to quickly fade, these marketing conventions have proven that they are far more than just a passing advertorial trend.  If you’re considering including exhibits and events as part of you company’s campaign strategy, consider the following six reasons why you don’t want to miss out on this relevant, promotional powerhouse.

1. Interpersonal Connection: A tradeshow booth offers business owners unparalleled opportunity to meet and mingle with their specific targeted demographic. Best of all, many attendees at trade shows are actual decision makers within their organization. You’ll quickly be able to connect with the right people instantly to generate leads and close business.

2. Networking Opportunities: Beyond meeting with your consumer dynamic, you and your staff will have ample opportunity to connect with various networking/affiliation resources throughout the event. Aligning your business with other reputable providers is a great way to reinforce and extend your business brand.

3. Competition Comparison: What better way to show your clients how you stand out from the competition than to set up your tradeshow booth right next to your leading opposition? In a single glance, they’ll quickly be able to see why your stand is the first one they’ll want to visit.

4. Gain New Industry Insight: Trade shows of any size often offer guests and exhibitors access to seminars, training session and keynote speakers. You and your staff will be able to gain new industry insight and further your field education – all while simultaneously drumming up business for your organization. A win/win no matter how you look at it.

5. Unveil New Products: Yes, online PRs and social media marketing pages are all great ways to announce new company products and lines. However, they pale in comparison to unveiling your merchandise at a promotional exhibit. Not only will you get to make your announcement to a live crowd, but you’ll also be able to let the attendees see and test your wares for instant consumer feedback.

6. Chance To Make A Fun/Bold Statement: Best of all, trade show stands offer companies an incomparable chance to show their niche audience an entirely new side of their organization. Capitalize on that opportunity – offer innovative giveaways, run fun contests or make a bold statement that will leave a lasting impact on the crowd. Try doing that with another marketing strategy!

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