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6 Reasons Why Renting a Trade Show Display is a Viable Option

Renting a trade show display is a practical and viable option for many companies. New exhibitors, infrequent exhibitors, businesses that change their look and design, and even companies who just need more flexibility often benefit from rental displays. If your company fits into one of these groups, perhaps you should consider the benefits of renting your trade show display. Below are 6 things every exhibitor should know about renting exhibits.6-reasons-rental

#1 – A rental trade show display provides flexibility.
Companies can benefit from the flexibility that these displays provide. They have the ability to use trial and error. Exhibitors can rent a certain system and try it out. If they don’t feel it is the best fit for their company, they can always try other kinds of exhibits until they find the one that works best. A company also benefits from flexibility in the sense that they can rent components to add to their current exhibit if they wish to expand, or if there were a certain event at which they would like to have a larger presence. Rental exhibits also enable exhibitors to change their appearance often, according to their current marketing efforts.

#2 – Accessories are also available to rent.
A business has the option to enhance their booth by renting additional accessories. These accessories add both substance and functionality to an exhibit. Accessories include items such as counters, tables, kiosks, workstations, shelves, and sometimes even technology. These pieces can serve a number of purposes. Team members have a place to meet and store personal items and company materials. Also, they provide great spaces for team members to interact with potential customers.

#3 – You can save time and money using local providers.
If there is a provider in your area, you have the ability to rent locally. This saves time by creating a faster turnaround time and easier on-site communication if necessary. You will also save money since you won’t have to ship the trade show display yourself.

#4 – Renting is a convenient option.
Convenience is an important feature, especially when it comes to a trade show display. Portable displays, for example, pack up small, are easy to transport, and easy to install. Some can be set up in a matter of minutes, creating more time for exhibitors to network with potential customers. For increased convenience, businesses can have their provider install their booth for them.

#5 – Make special events memorable.
The ability to rent a trade show display allows businesses to make special events such as anniversaries or meetings with dealers more memorable and successful. Specialists can handle every aspect, from quality graphics and design to professional installation.

#6 – Products are designed for either do-it-yourself or professional installation.
Exhibitors can choose to set their exhibits up themselves, since they are designed to be easy to assemble. However, many businesses choose to hire a team of professionals to take care of the installation for them, saving them time and energy.

Considering these things, can your company benefit from the convenient option of rental products?

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About the Author

Scott Price was President of Skyline New Jersey and is currently retired.

5 responses to “6 Reasons Why Renting a Trade Show Display is a Viable Option

  1. Great post Scott!

    I’m not an accountant & certainly would recommend asking a tax professional on following … if I’m not mistaken since company is not purchasing an exhibit the rental may be able to be written off as an expense within the same calendar year. Purchase of an exhibit is categorized as a capital purchase and would be required to be depreciated over several years.

  2. This article gives a lot of good ideas on why it is smart to rent trade show exhibits. I can see how it would be beneficial because you don’t have to lug boxes, and store them when you’re done, all that can be provided for you, and taken care of. I will have to suggest that if my company needs to go to a show.

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