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6 Creative Musts for Effective Trade Show Exhibits

6tipsAnyone who has ever been part of the creative process knows firsthand that designing trade show exhibits can prove a challenge in all the best and worst ways. Creatively, business executives love getting the chance to flex their marketing muscles and design trade show exhibits that effectively capture the very essence of their brand. However, achieving that goal can prove a daunting challenge.

6 Key Components to Consider for Success with Trade Show Exhibits

There are 6 creative “must haves” in your final design strategy and they can help propel your trade show exhibits ahead of the competition and make an impact at your marketing event.

When designing your trade show exhibit, consider the following:

Your Brand
Effectively capturing your corporate brand image throughout your exhibit is one of the most critical ways to captivate your audience. Don’t have a consistent brand identity? Partner with a professional design team to help you create one, not only for live marketing events, but for all of your promotional functions.

Comprehensive Strategy
Having a thoroughly outlined execution strategy can help you command attention. Start by outlining all of the live marketing functions you’ll be attending and the booth space you’ll get at each. From there, you’ll be able to determine the type of setup you’ll need to effectively lead the competitive pack.

Online Microsites
What’s a new, innovative component of modern strategies? Online web microsites. These smaller, interactive websites are created specifically for live marketing events. These powerful online tools can effectively generate buzz and get your targeted demographic excited to see what your booths and stands have to offer.

Graphics Layout
Once you’ve decided the size and style of your trade show exhibit, it’s time to start designing the layout of your graphics and images. Always use product graphics that showcase your most recent lines and services so the crowd knows exactly what you have to offer.

Videos and Animation
Of course, the imagery used in your trade show exhibits doesn’t have to be static. The latest creative trends allow for using videos and animations throughout the booth. From streaming video clips on a flat screen, to incorporating videos on the booth itself, moving images will help build traffic to your booth.

Social Media Resources
It’s no secret that social media resources have proven an invaluable tool in any live marketing strategy. Include this information somewhere in your exhibit instead of just handing out materials with the information. It’s a great way to give the passersby who don’t stop in your booth the information they’ll need to check out your organization at a later date.

These 6 creative musts will be sure to help you get on the right track with your exhibit.

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As President of Skyline Exhibitor Source, John focuses on the overall vision and direction of the company's large exhibit projects and provides guidance in education, implementation and creative ideation. John has been directly involved in the trade show industry for the past 16 years, and the past 11 years as President of his company that helps clients get the most from their Nashville trade show booths.

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