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5 Ways Your Trade Show Display Graphics Can Make a Great First Impression

firstimpression-featureWhen it comes to trade show displays, first impressions are everything; every little detail counts! From your banners, walls and lighting, down to the brochure and computer tablet stands; everything has to be strong, especially your graphics. Your graphics need to be clean and professional.

Many spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a new display, only to use uninspiring, amateur graphics. You should always hire a professional graphic designer. They know how to source quality files, format them, and design your graphics or, at the very least use native ones.

Here are 5 ways to make your graphics shine on your trade show display:

1. Get The Right Professional
Do they know what resolution, vector art, PMS color and bleed is? If they don’t, then you don’t want them to be responsible for your file preparation. Hire the right professional and when you research them, do your homework, because your graphics can definitely make or break your display presentation.

2. Image Quality, It Matters
Your logo should be high vector resolution, as should all of your graphics. It’s critical to have clean, original or native graphics for your display. Relatively it’s not that expensive, and it pays in the long run. Attendees will be walking up and possibly touching your graphics; this is not a billboard! Also, never use the logo from your business card, always get the raw files.

3. Size Also Matters, But So Does Scale
When it comes to your graphics, always go big. But, remember scale matters just as much. Your graphic needs to translate from 4 feet to 40 feet tall. Speak with your graphic designer and make sure your graphics fit the scale.

4. Color – Your Best Friend or Worst Nightmare
Getting the proper color is crucial! Asking for burgundy and you get Pepto-Bismol pink is an exhibitor’s worst nightmare. Review the exact Pantone swatches to your graphic design professional, so you both know which color you’re referring to.

5. It’s All in the Details
The structure of your booth affects the flow of your graphics, but you won’t know until it’s all put together. Always view the architecture of your booth before you print graphics. Map out where everything in the booth is placed. And remember, exact measurements are critical. You don’t want any mistakes or cut graphics, so viewing the rendered graphics helps prevent mistakes. It may take a little more time in the end, but it’s definitely worth it.

Your First Impression is a Lasting One

Graphics are the heart and soul of your display, without them you may as well go home. They illustrate what your business is about and th e services your business offers even more so than the text or presentations. Make sure you don’t skimp on this very important part of your overall booth. It may mean the difference between winning and losing your next client.


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About the Author

Larry Zollo is a recognized leader in the Trade Show Marketing industry. As the President at Skyline Exhibits & Graphics, he has over 30 years of expertise with trade show displays, exhibits, and booths in Connecticut. Larry has been the presenter or guest speaker at over 50 industry events. He believes that to make any marketing program successful, it is all about clear communication coupled with excitement and engagement. Sounds simple, right? “Gaining qualified leads and more sales at-bats for your sales team is always the goal”.

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  1. First impressions are very important, especially at trade shows. Your graphics definitely need to be clean and professional. Thanks for sharing.

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