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5 Ways to Cover Your Bases If Your Show Ends On The Weekend

Have you ever exhibited at or do you have an upcoming trade show that ends on a Saturday or Sunday?  If the answer is yes, the following are some tips to make sure your end game goes smoothly:

  1. Confirm that your freight company moves freight on the weekend.  You don’t want to be stuck in Las Vegas… ok maybe you do…but your wallet won’t!
  2. Refer to your Exhibitor Manual and confirm the deadline for exhibit materials to be off the show floor.  If it can wait until Monday to be picked up you will save some dollars by not having that special “weekend” pickup rate.
  3. Regardless of whom your outside shipper is, obtain an estimate from the show shipper.  This is very handy documentation in the event show services loads and ships your freight against your wishes.
  4. Obtain an estimate from show services for transferring your trade show exhibit materials to the warehouse – this is very handy in the event that something goes wrong with your contracted shipper.
  5. When submitting the BOL (bill of lading) to show services, check the box that indicates you would like your trade show display materials transferred back to the warehouse to await pickup from your shipper vs. using show freight services.  Now, if the estimate you received from show services is acceptable to you, then you have the option to move forward with Plan B.

In addition, here are some important documents to carry with you near the end of the show:

  • Number for shipping company AND an emergency contact number
  • Documentation of all estimates
  • Documentation showing dates and times agreed on for moving freight
  • Copy of the BOL that was handed in to show services – if your freight company provides you with a BOL, copy the information on to the BOL provided by the show and keep both copies
  • Be sure show services marks the time on the BOL in which you turned it in
  • Fully charged cell phone

The bottom line is to always be prepared when it comes to shows that end on a weekend, because you never know what might come up. Following these tips will help avoid unwanted costs and get you back home in one piece!

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About the Author

Jennifer Weber was a Marketing Consultant for Skyline Dynovia, located in Des Moines, Iowa.

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