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5 Types of Videos to Use in Your Trade Show Booth


Did you know that 86 percent of businesses use video as a marketing tool? This includes businesses like yours that regularly attend events like trade shows. If you need help drawing more trade show attendees to your booth, try incorporating video into your strategy today!

Listed below are 5 types of videos you can use at your next event to lure potential customers and get them interested in checking out your exhibit.

1. Product Videos
As the name suggests, a product video is designed to showcase a specific product that your business sells. As clearly and succinctly as possible, this type of video highlights all of the product’s key features and the benefits it can offer to your customers. It also explains how the product works and shows examples of people incorporating it into their daily lives. The best product videos are highly engaging and help to bring awareness to your business and your products. They get people more interested in learning about what you have to offer and do a great job of pulling them over to your trade show booth.



2. Explainer Videos
In some ways, an explainer video is similar to a product video. This type of video explains to your audience how they can use your product or service to solve a specific problem. It answers frequently asked questions and provides your audience with knowledge that empowers them to take action and start improving their lives. Unlike product videos, which typically need to be updated regularly as you make updates and improvements to your products, explainer videos are evergreen. They can provide value long-term and can be used in all kinds of marketing materials, including trade show booth videos, website videos, and social media videos.



3. Testimonials
A whopping 92 percent of consumers say that they reference reviews and testimonials before they make a purchase. Testimonial videos are powerful marketing tools that show your audience how your products can improve their lives. When people see others talking about how a particular product made a difference for them, they’re often more inclined to invest in that product themselves. At the very least, they’ll be a bit more curious about what it is and how it works. This is great for a trade show where attendees are constantly walking by your booth. If they see people who remind them of themselves on a video screen, they’ll naturally be interested in stopping by to see what you’re offering.



4. Company Culture Videos
The term “company culture” refers to the mission and values of a company, as well as the behavior and attitude of its employees. A company culture video highlights the specific culture of your business and what it offers to its employees and its customers. The best company culture videos show some personality and provide insight into what goes on behind the scenes. At trade shows and other events, a company culture video will help attendees to get a better idea of what your business is all about and what your work environment is like. People like to support businesses that have a positive company culture, so showcasing this in a video is an effective way to draw people to your booth and make a good impression.



5. Live Streams
A live stream is a video that is recorded and broadcast in real-time via the internet. At trade shows and other events, live streams provide an awesome way for you to connect with people who might not be able to attend in person but still want to be part of the fun. Over the last couple of years, thanks to the pandemic, live streams at trade shows have become increasingly popular, and they’ll likely continue to be the norm in the coming years.

How to Get Started with Video Marketing
Getting started with video marketing, like other types of digital marketing, might be a bit intimidating at first. These tips can make the process a little easier, though, and help you create an impressive video in no time:

  • Start with a short video (2 minutes or less is plenty)
  • Write a script (and practice what you want to say before you start filming)
  • Choose an interesting background with good natural lighting
  • Invest in a high-quality camera and microphone
  • Consider hiring a professional videographer

This last tip is especially helpful if you’re unsure of where to begin with your video marketing journey. A professional videographer who specializes in trade show marketing will streamline the recording and editing process, turn your vision into a reality, and help you accomplish your goals.

Make Your First Video Today
If you want to take your trade show exhibiting to the next level, video marketing is a must. The 5 videos listed above are all great starting points to help you get people interested in your business and draw them to your booth. Pick up a camera today (or contact a videographer) and start recording!