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4 Ways to Use a Trade Show Display to Showcase Your Company’s Brand

Brands communicates to potential customers who a business is, what they offer, and how they operate. Brands are so important because they are a big determining factor in people’s purchasing decisions. If a customer has a pleasant experience, it makes him or her more likely to purchase goods or services from that company in the future. The opposite is also true. If someone has a negative experience, he will be hesitant to purchase from that corporation in the future. One negative experience can tarnish ten positive ones. This is why developing a powerful brand is more important than ever and there is no better place to do so than at a trade show. Below are four ways that a trade show display can be used to help showcase a company’s brand.

Happy businessman showing four fingers, isolated on white#1  Use a portable trade show display to maximize networking capability.

Networking is one of the core purposes of trade shows. There’s no better place to network and start building relationships than at your trade show exhibit. Use your exhibit as a meeting or conference space and invite attendees in. It’s also a great place to expand on current relationships and find out what else you can do to serve your customers better. Asking how you’re doing as a company is sure to show that you are invested in your business relationships and it will certainly strengthen your brand awareness.

#2  Use quality media to engage the audience.

Choosing the right combination of media for any exhibit is key to its success. When designing the exhibit, consider what combination of images, logos, and advertisements best represents your company and enhances the image. Remember that when designing imagery and graphics, less is more. Pick just a few bullet points of your services or offerings, or even your company’s mission statement. A few key words can really draw in your target audience. These images will be associated with your brand, so choose wisely.

#3  Choose a design that complements the graphics.

Choosing the optimal design and layout is essential to the success of the booth. Perhaps the most significant consideration is selecting a design that complements the graphics used in the trade show display, and serves functionality to meet your show objectives. In order to maximize cohesiveness between the graphics and hardware, consider partnering with a trade show display company that produces their graphics in-house and a designer that really understands your message and goals.

#4  Ensure that the right information is communicated.

An important part of using the booth to showcase the brand is being sure to include any pertinent information that potential customers want or need to know. Communicate to people about who you are, the goods and services you offer, where you’re located, and how customers can stay connected in the future. Your booth staffers should be the best resource for this. Choose staffers who are willing to engage with attendees and be able to showcase what it is you’re offering. Remember that when it comes to using the exhibit to communicate information to customers, the rule is quality over quantity.

All of these factors work in tandem to create a memorable impression of your brand. For more advice on building your brand and making it cohesive with your exhibit design at trade shows, click here.

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  1. Great Tradeshow Info. I also thinks its a good idea to use branded wallpapers on all your mobile devices. I see lots of booths handing out iPads for demonstration or to gather data – and I rarely see that detail covered.

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