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4 Necessary Questions to Ask Before You Exhibit

When coupled with other benefits such as countless networking opportunities, a major boost to your social media efforts, and the chance to prospect relevant affiliates, it’s easy to see why trade show booths have earned a reputation as a tried and true marketing method with staying power.

In order to truly capitalize on the many opportunities presented at live marketing events, it’s crucial for you and your team to properly prepare. Knowing a few critical questions to consider (and knowing the answers) can help streamline the prep work and get you ready to dominate the showroom floor at the next event.


When working trade show booths, ask and answer the following questions:

Why are we working this event? If you can’t come up with anything beyond “to further my brand exposure” you’re not alone. Far too often, business owners exhibit with only a few general marketing objectives in mind. Get specific and outline detailed goals that you’d like to achieve during your time at the function. Read this article to help. Set measurable objectives to ensure you’ll have the data you’ll need to monitor your results after the event has concluded. To take it a step further, look at the design of your trade show booth to make sure it fits your objectives. Here’s a guideline to help.

Are we ready to exhibit? The only thing worse than not knowing why you’re exhibiting, is exhibiting without being organized and ready. An unorganized exhibit and plan of execution quickly makes you appear unprofessional and untrustworthy. Work with your team to update marketing materials, tweak your design for your audience and most relevant brand information, and train and prepare your booth staffers. Nothing is worse than putting a lot of time and effort into your exhibit and then having untrained and uninterested booth staffers.

Do I know my audience? Knowing everything you can about your specific targeted marketing demographic will play a major role in your overall exhibiting success. If you don’t have a firm grasp on who you will be marketing to at a given event, it’s time to begin your research. Work with your team to outline who the crowd will be and how you can best resonate with them during their visits to your trade show booths. Hint: your trade show booth and message needs to be directed at your target audience. Tailor your game plan to that.

What are my post-event goals? Many business owners enjoy a successful run during the event, yet somehow fail to follow up on the invaluable information, leads and contacts they’ve gathered, making the entire effort a promotional parallel move. Having a firm post-event approach in place can help you get the most out of every opportunity and keep your company ahead of the competition. You need to follow up on your leads immediately after the show. Follow up with all of your qualified leads within the first three days after the show. After that is too late.

Understand why you are exhibiting and what you can do to make it successful. Follow and answer the above questions so that you can dominate your next event.

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