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4 Keys to Personalizing Your Trade Show Exhibit

The idea behind successful marketing is to impart your desired message to your target audience and leave a lasting impression. The concept behind good trade show display design is the same: to be unique, memorable and leave attendees with a clear and lasting impression of your business, its products and how they can be used to improve the lives of your potential clients.

So, how do you make sure your trade show exhibit stands out from the crowd? Here are a few simple tips to help you design a trade show display that’s uniquely yours.4-keys-personalizing

Know Thyself

In order for your event presence to be representative of your business, it’s important to incorporate your core values into the design. Whether you strive to create innovative products, or are a company that prides itself on exemplary customer service, be sure those values carry over into your overall marketing strategy. Your exhibit represents a valuable first impression to potential clients so it should be created to closely mirror the beliefs you hold dear.

Make It Feel Like Home

Don’t be afraid to integrate less traditional trade show fare into your booth design. It’s important that your guests feel comfortable spending time in your booth, so utilizing comfortable chairs or couches can be a great option. To break up the stark walls add in a few potted plants or some soft lighting. Anything that makes you feel more comfortable is likely to make attendees more comfortable as well.

A Trade Show Exhibit Doesn’t Have To Rest On Convention

Some trade show companies have a very limited selection of designs to choose from which is why many events play host to displays that look very similar. The truth is that when you work with high quality event services companies, your imagination is the only limitation. Modern exhibits can be created in nearly any shape or size to suit any need your marketing team can dream up. Gone are the days of the square booth with a bland backdrop being your only option. When designing your display, don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Consider using shapes and graphics that tie into your business or go all out and design a display to look like your most popular product. When drawing attention is the name of the game, looking nothing like anyone else at the show is sure to make an impression.

Be A Feast For The Senses

Every trade show guest is likely to respond to your design differently, so try to engage them on as many levels as possible. Most marketers focus on visual appeal, but don’t shy away from using other elements to reach out to potential leads. While sound can be difficult to manipulate on a noisy event floor, consider incorporating pleasing scents into your booth. It may sound strange but research has shown that our brains associate scent and memory quite closely and the olfactory appeal of the trade show booth is a largely underutilized resource.

When it comes down to it, only you truly know the best way to customize your trade show exhibit  so that it most effectively speaks for your business.

You can stand out from all the other exhibits by taking note of a few key things and by learning more about how to market for your brand.

About the Author

Ken "Bucky" Buckman was the CEO / co-founder of Skyline Tradetec.

7 responses to “4 Keys to Personalizing Your Trade Show Exhibit

  1. Ken, Regarding mention of sound in “Be A Feast For The Senses” … check out the audio technology Dr. Joseph Pompei, of Holosonic Research Labs (, has cooked up. Product is called Audio Spotlight.

  2. I love the “senses” part. You can really make a difference in your trade show exhibit by using graphics that stand out…and represent your branding. I’ve seen some pretty boring ones and then some awesome ones that stood out and made me remember the exhibit and the company.

  3. Hi Ken, thanks for sharing this useful information regarding trade show exhibit. Awaiting more blogs like this.

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