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3 Social Media Don’ts For Trade Shows

Social Media FOR TRADESHOWSSocial media does a lot for businesses:  It acts as a point of contact with customers, allowing for real time interaction, and is a wonderful tool for keeping them abreast of what your company is doing.  By its very nature, social media is a prime tool for promoting your trade shows.  It gets visitors raring to visit your trade show booth…but only if it’s used correctly.

Our video, Top 3 Social Media Don’ts While Exhibiting on the Trade Show Floor, covers the main pitfalls businesses face when using interactive media to promote their trade show efforts and gives tips on how to avoid them.  This trade show season, make social media work for you and enjoy the boost in visits to your trade show display and sales you’ll see as a result!

Including these social media interactions and promotions as part of your overall trade show planning process is an important first step.  Not only will this pre-planning give you an edge over your competition at the event itself, it also lays the groundwork for your post-show communications.

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About the Author

Nicole Huston was the Marketing and Sales Coordinator for Skyline Exhibits West Michigan.

6 responses to “3 Social Media Don’ts For Trade Shows

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  2. Hi Nicole, I enjoyed your video, it was short and to the point.I especially liked the infographic. I think you said it came from “Performance”. Can you send me a link to this infographic?

  3. Our company does not allow Youtube (nor LinkedIn) through the firewall.
    I’ll add a social media violation you just did to me: Publish your work in only one format.
    Suggestion: a transcript can accompany the work, which also appeals to EASL customers too.

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