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3 Questions to Ask When Deciding on a Trade Show Display Rental

Trade show display rental has become increasingly popular in the exhibiting world. It enables companies to reduce costs while still promoting their brand professionally. If your company is thinking about rental displays, it is important to understand the right questions to ask. You should be confident that the chosen product will meet all of your exhibiting needs.

Here are three questions to ask to aid in your rental decision:

It is important that your company has the ability to change the design, images, and wording of your trade show display rental as you desire. Not to mention, you want to be sure that this product can be easily expanded upon in the event that you want a bigger exhibit, or even a smaller one.

Not only should you consider whether you will be able to change your booth, but you should also consider whether the vendor offers a variety of designs and sizes. In an ever-changing market, you want to have the freedom and opportunity to update the design and style of your booth in order to effectively reach your audience.

Convenient solutions are equally as important as choosing flexible solutions. Renting from a vendor that designs their products to be easy to operate will help you avoid frustration and delays at events.

Most vendors offer portable rentals. With these do-it-yourself products, your booth can be set up just a couple of minutes after arriving at your event. This means that employees can devote more event time to interacting with potential customers. Portable systems are lightweight and pack up small, allowing ease of use, flexibility, and time-saving factors. Moreover, they don’t require any tools to set up. There are even portable displays that are completely air powered, and simply inflate with the press of a button.

Choose a vendor that provides professional exhibiting services, such as installation and dismantling, quality control, and more. Don’t try to handle island exhibits and large booths yourself. You need a company that will manage the logistics for you and let you focus on interacting with attendees.

Even if a product seems like a great fit, you also need to consider the vendor that is providing it. It is essential that you choose a trade show vendor that offers reliable customer service. Ultimately, the vendor’s service can make or break your exhibiting experience. Do they offer worldwide services? How many locations do they have? Will they send a rep to the show if necessary? How experienced are they? Do they offer 24/7 support? These are all great questions to ask when determining the reliability of a provider.

These are three important questions to ask before you sign on the dotted line to rent your trade show display, or work with a specific trade show vendor.