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3 Proven Methods to Draw Attendees to Your Trade Show Display

When exhibiting at trade shows, one of the most important objectives of exhibitors is to create an unforgettable impression. How? Industry studies reveal that exhibitors have about three seconds to gain the attention of their audience. Needless to say, it has never been more important to create an unforgettable booth. Read these three methods that have been proven to draw crowds to trade show displays. Happy businessman showing three fingers, isolated on white

#1 – Engage the audience using fun games and hands-on activities.

Though this idea may not be revolutionary in and of itself, it has proven to be a great way to draw people to trade show displays. Attendees really tend to enjoy exhibits that offer fun games and hands-on activities for them to participate in. This method is even more effective if there are prizes for the winners. Another great thing about games and activities is they offer a valuable opportunity to educate attendees about the industry or about the product or service that the exhibitor is offering. Take advantage of employees on your team who have top-notch interpersonal skills. Have them host the games and keep the crowd pumped. For added convenience, many providers of trade show displays and products also offer A/V equipment rental. Rent microphones, displays, and any other necessary equipment from them and avoid working with multiple vendors.

#2 – Include engaging graphics when designing trade show displays.

Since the window of time to capture the attention of the audience is only three seconds, it is essential to choose graphics and images that are intriguing. The goal is to use a combination of images and text that will lead attendees to want to find out more about the company. There are a few questions to consider when designing a display. Who is the target market? What do they care most about? What need are you meeting with this particular product or service? How can that information best be communicated to the target market? Answering these questions will be helpful in order to design effective graphics. Always remember though, that less is more. Don’t go overboard!

#3 – Choose giveaways that add value to attendees.

Giveaways and promotional products are great ways to not only enhance a brand, but also to improve traffic to exhibits. People really enjoy receiving free items. Giving away items to visitors not only adds value to their experience, but it also gets them to spend more time at the booth. When choosing a giveaway, be sure to think creatively. With so many other companies giving away items as well, what can you offer that is out of the box? Which giveaway will add the most value? Perhaps one idea could be giving away free Starbucks coffee if your company is promoting services and the idea of being taken care of. Turn your booth into a complimentary coffee station. Use tables and chairs to create an environment for people to actually sit down and sip on their coffee. This also causes attendees to spend more time at the exhibit, giving your team a greater opportunity to interact with potential customers. Remember though, that if the coffee drinking and hospitality doesn’t always work for everyone. When choosing giveaways and promotional products, the key is to ask what will add the most value and what reinforces your message and objective.

These are just a few proven methods to draw crowds to exhibits. Try out different methods to discover what works best for your brand.

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  1. Great article! An interactive environment is always the way to go when trying to engage people. A good experience is a plus. Of course, a good clean design is always a must.

    Thanks for the article!

    Carlos V

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