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2020 Trade Show Outlook And Marketing Trends


As we approach the end of the year, we want to share with you a brief industry outlook for 2020, including a couple of key marketing trends to consider. In reviewing two industry sources, American Express Meetings & Events and Center for Exhibition Industry Research, the outlook is good! According to the Amex M&E annual forecast, 70 percent of 550 industry respondents ranked their level of optimism about the health of the industry at 8 or higher, on a scale of 1 to 10. Both sources predict continued industry growth between 1.1% and 1.65%. CEIR considers this rate to be ideal for sustainable growth for the next few years.

Here at Skyline E3, we know that for many of you, trade shows are the key to your marketing mix. As you look to the future and assess your plans, you can do so with the knowledge that the industry continues to grow. This represents an effective and efficient means for reaching your clients.

There are 2 key marketing trends to keep in mind for 2020. Customer Experience and Employee Engagement.

CUSTOMER EXPERIENCEOnline content growth over the past several years means that consumers have more power. They don’t need marketers to tell them about products and services. In contrast, they’re finding that information on their own. So what does that really mean? You have to offer them something more! Customer experience is growing as a factor in buying decisions. It is something you need to incorporate into your overall marketing strategy – including trade shows.

ENGAGE YOUR TEAMThe other significant trend for 2020 is Employee Engagement. The cornerstone to great customer service is employees. This is a huge part of customer experience. Employees are the face of your brand, and their interactions with your clients should be a key part of your strategy. Consequently, if you want employees to care about customers, they need to be happy with what they do and what they represent. That means having your team engaged with each other and the company’s values at a high level.

At Skyline E3 we’re here to help you with both of these trends. Best wishes for a great 2020!

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About the Author

Scott Hanna is the President at Skyline E3 in Lenexa, Kansas. He has been with Skyline since 2007 and worked his way up from an Account Executive to Sales Manager and Vice President of Sales & Marketing to President. Scott is a graduate of the University of Kansas where he obtained his BS degree in Advertising and his MBA in Finance. With two active boys at home Scott has developed a nice balance between logic and emotion, not to mention a great deal of patience. Those diverse skills and experiences allow him to oversee both sales and marketing at Skyline E3. He likes to arrive early in the mornings while the office is quiet to plan his day, and is always looking for ways to create the best opportunities he can for his clients and the company.

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