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2 Easy Ways to Boost Your Social Media Presence for a Better Trade Show Experience

Keeping your social media platform lively can be a daunting task. But using your social media pages correctly can drastically improve your trade show experience. It allows your followers to connect with your company on both a personal and a professional level.


Here are 2 easy ways to boost your social media presence for an improved trade show experience:

1. Promote, Promote, Promote! 

Trade Shows are a huge marketing opportunity for your company, so don’t waste it! Promoting before (and during) a show is absolutely necessary. Are you having an in-booth contest? Post content about the contest and what attendees should do to enter. Promotions should be informative, but also get your followers and attendees excited about what you have to offer. Always mention your booth number in your posts so attendees know where to find you. What will your booth be like? Post photos! Has your company won any awards lately that are relevant to your audience coming to the show? Use this opportunity to tell attendees why they should be visiting you at the trade show. Don’t be afraid to go outside of your comfort zone with your show promotions. It is difficult to over-promote, so sending tweets and LinkedIn updates are a great way to get people sharing and talking about you.

2. Be Personable

Photos and images are the most liked and followed posts on any social media page. Are you training your booth staff for an upcoming show? Post a photo and a caption about the process. Readers love to see people being real. A company is made up of passionate people driving for success and challenges in their workplace. Show your followers what you’re doing and what you are excited about for the upcoming trade show. Ask people to stop by your booth for a conversation at the show. You would be surprised how many people would love to hear about what you have to offer.

Don’t forget to continue posting during the trade show as well. Take photos of your booth staff, interactions, and your trade show display. It is a great opportunity to keep the excitement going and to show some active coverage.

Know Your Strategy

Your Facebook or LinkedIn page may be the first exposure a client has to your company. Don’t let your company be silent until trade show time, or even worse, silent until you’re in the booth. Engage your followers, promote your organization, and relate to your audience. Although having a strong social media presence isn’t going to boost your ROI on its own, and it certainly isn’t all you need to do to have a successful show, it will help your trade show marketing and your presence.

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About the Author

Jennifer Snyder was a Marketing Associate and Project Manager at Skyline Exhibits, based at Skyline's International Design Center in St. Paul, Minnesota.

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  1. Great article! I also feel that following and networking through the events Hashtag works to get attendees interested about your booth and who your company is.

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