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16 Trade Show Booth Staffer Affirmations

motivate your trade show booth staffers How do you get your staffers excited to staff?  Especially if they’ve never staffed before, or if they’ve staffed so many times they’ve already lost count?

Sure, you start by choosing staffers that already have a positive attitude and want to be at the show.  But even with that going for you, you may need to give them a boost.

So here are 16 affirmations they can repeat every day before the show, to get them excited and ready to greet attendees to your trade show display with a positive attitude:

  1. This trade show’s attendees have actually paid their own way to come here and find solutions to their problems…the same problems my products solve.  So they will be happy to meet me!
  2. My participation in our booth will allow our company to reach many prospects face-to-face in a much shorter time than if I was out on the road selling.
  3. I will be able to see many of our existing clients in one place, to verify the continuing value of our offerings, and show them other products we can provide them.
  4. I know my products well and can point out the advantages they offer.
  5. I already have several good stories about clients who have benefited from our products that I can share.
  6. I don’t have to tell our entire story to everyone, just the part that matters to them.
  7. I don’t have to talk the whole time; instead I will listen more and talk less.
  8. If an angry client visits our booth, I can help keep them as a customer by calmly helping them get their issue resolved.
  9. I will gain important new insights into what my prospects want by talking with many of them over the next several hours today.
  10. I will find out first-hand what benefits we offer matter most to clients and prospects.
  11. I will better understand industry trends by what my clients tell me interest them.
  12. I will get insights into the state of my industry from the buzz and interactions on the show floor.
  13. I will build my personal network with the visitors to our booth.
  14. I will network with key people from areas of our company that I don’t usually get to see.
  15. I will better know my strongest competitors by which ones my booth visitors ask me to compare ourselves to.
  16. I will find out what new products are being introduced by walking the show during my breaks.

These affirmations help remind the value that booth staffers get from staffing the booth, and also help ease their fears that everything rests on them.  Most of all, it help booth staffers go into the show with enthusiasm instead of trepidation, or worse, apathy.

What do you tell your staff or say to yourself to get pumped to staff your booth?  Let us know in the comment box below!

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Mike Thimmesch is the Principal at Thimmesch Marketing. For over 25 years, he has created and implemented innovative marketing, lead generation, and exhibiting strategies that profitably grow company sales and brand awareness. Mike rose to Director level at Skyline Exhibits, where he helped generate over a half million leads, resulting in over $1 billion in sales. He published 11 industry white papers and eight exhibiting books, presented over 100 trade show webinars, and wrote over 200 exhibit marketing blog posts.

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