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10 Trade Show Promotional YouTube Videos

YouTube for Trade Show PromotionsIf a picture tells a thousand words, then with 30 frames a second, a 1-minute YouTube video can tell 108,000 words!

No wonder marketers have harnessed the power of video to entice people to visit their trade show booths.

Let’s look at 10 examples of good pre-show, at-show, and post-show promotions posted on YouTube.  We’ll see what they include in their videos to drive more booth traffic, and finish with some suggestions on other ways you can drive more viewers to your trade show promotional videos.


These 5 videos were posted before the show date to show people why they should visit the exhibitor’s booth.  You can click on the video pictures to launch the videos.

Ingersoll Rand Pre-Show Promo for PowerGen Show 2010


  • The video looks extremely high-end to match their brand.  Ingersoll Rand may have created it just for this show, but more likely (and inexpensively) they repurposed an existing video and just tacked on a few seconds at the end about visiting them at the show.
  • Ingersoll Rand didn’t even put their name in the video title (“Visit Booth 2231 at Power-Gen International Show”); they instead started with their booth number and included the name of the show.  The goal was to show up in the search results when attendees search on the show name.


Martin Racing Performance Pre-Show Promo for SEMA Show 2010


  • Martin Racing Performance takes advantage of the super-low entry-level cost of video to quickly create a personable invitation: this was done right after set up in the booth.
  • They show you what their booth looks like and where it is in the show hall so you will recognize it – and show you the cool bike that will be in their booth.
  • They tell you what new and popular products they are launching at the show.
  • The title repeats SEMA twice for better search engine results.

Flomo USA Pre-Show Promo for ASD Merchandise Show 2010


  • To play off their company name FLOMO, they have two characters, Flo and Mo, who speak to the camera.  They are probably employees of the company.  They have a friendly, playful manner that is genuine and welcoming.
  • Flo and Mo decorate their outfits with the kind of stuff you’ll be able to buy from them at the show, for the Mother’s Day, Graduation, and Back to School retail events.
  • Flo and Mo tell you all the great things you can only get by visiting them in their booth: See lots of new products, get free pizza, free gifts, price drops, free iPod Touch giveaways, secret deals and promotions…they pile on reason after reason to visit their trade show exhibit.
  • They include their company name and the show name in the video title, and end the video by telling you what booth they will be in at the show, and when and where the show is located.
  • This video has been seen over 1,300 times.  You know that helped them get more booth traffic!
  • Flomo has done other, similar pre-show promotions.

Aerielle Technologies Pre-Show Promo for CES 2011


  • Very visual, creative, and to the point to tell the story of their product.
  • Began the name of the video “CES 2011” which probably helped in search results, as the video has been viewed over 20,000 times!
  • Finished video with “come visit us at booth 15116.”


Working Girls Design Pre-Show Promo for International Licensing Show 2011


  • Very inexpensive way to create a video.  Uses a program that takes still images and creates a video by panning out or to the side.  Music added to give more of a video feel.
  • Shows their greeting card products that can be licensed for other uses.
  • Name of show, booth number, company, and their artists in the title for better search results


These 2 videos were posted during the show to give attendees more incentive to visit the exhibitor’s booth.  You can click on the video pictures to launch the videos.  Some may have been posted after the event; in any case they are also valuable after the show because they capture the energy, excitement, and products shown at the show.

HP At-Show Promo at IPEX 2010


  • IPEX is a 7 day show, once every 3 years.  HP had 17 at-show videos, some posted by Day 1.
  • Several of these HP IPEX videos (such as this one) look like a news show as one HP employee interviews another, who is a VP, about what is going on at the show.
  • Large HP exhibit is their backdrop.  The exhibit is filled with people and bustling energy.
  • Company name, show name, and main industry keywords in the video title good for search results
  • These videos work well both as at-show promos (come see us, we are worth it) and post-show promos (contact us, we have great new stuff we introduced at the show).

Océ At-Show Promo at IPEX 2010


  • Not to be outdone by HP, Océ had 47 videos associated with IPEX 2010.  They had interviews with key execs, overviews of their booth, even of their booth’s “chill and chat” area.
  • This video is an interview with a client who just signed a deal with Océ about why he bought, and the client gives three good reasons – essentially selling for the exhibitor!
  • This also becomes a great post-show video testimonial.



These 3 post-show promotional videos take video shot in the booth during the show to help capture the excitement and news shared, and then package it as a powerful marketing tool after the show.


Matrix Fitness Post-Show Promotion after IHRSA 2010


  • Very professionally done video that captures the energy and excitement of their booth on the show floor.
  • Several new products launched at the show are profiled in the video, by showing the product in action, talking with people from Matrix, and with users who are giddy about the new exercise machines.
  • Matrix uses Skyline exhibits in their booth (it’s the backdrop during the LIVESTRONG segment)!

Electric Violin Shop Post-Show Promotion after the 2009 North Carolina Music Educators Association Conference


  • Show people having fun with their product, letting their booth attendees do the demo.
  • Tagged the products on the video so you know what products visitors were playing.
  • Three violinists jamming on Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir.”

Ashbury Precision Ordnance (APO)Post-Show Promotion after SHOT Show 2010


  • Show and name lots and lots of their products, both pictured in the booth and still photos
  • “Shot Show Recap 2010” good for search rankings…they’ve had over 2,500 views

Best Practices For Your Next Trade Show Promotional Video

After reviewing these and other videos, here are 8 best practices for video trade show promotions:

  1. Match the video’s level of professionalism to the brand – from casual to corporate
  2. For pre-show promotions, upload the video ahead of the show to you can promote it in several ways
  3. Quickly create and upload an at-show video for energetic at-show promotions
  4. Post-show videos portray the new products, news, and excitement that was in your booth
  5. Include the show’s name, your company name, and booth number in the title for SEO purposes
  6. Show your new products you will introduce at the show
  7. Show the benefits of partnering with you
  8. Entice visitors with at-show gifts, giveaways, contests, discounts, and prizes

Getting More Viewers…and thus Booth Visitors

Many who post a video on YouTube hope that it will go viral: viewers like it so much they tell their friends, who tell their friends, who tell their friends, until a firestorm of viewers bring down the computer servers.  Yet that outcome is extremely unlikely.

So if your video is not going viral on its own, how can you drive more traffic to it, and thus more traffic to your trade show booth?  By:

  • Emailing video links to pre-registered attendees to your shows
  • Embedding the video into pages on your website, facebook page, or blogs
  • Make video keyword-rich for Google or YouTube searches
  • Printing shortened video links or QR codes for the video in ads or letters aimed at potential show attendees

Have you used YouTube to promote your trade show exhibit?  Tell us what you did and how it worked in the comments box below.

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About the Author

Mike Thimmesch is the Principal at Thimmesch Marketing. For over 25 years, he has created and implemented innovative marketing, lead generation, and exhibiting strategies that profitably grow company sales and brand awareness. Mike rose to Director level at Skyline Exhibits, where he helped generate over a half million leads, resulting in over $1 billion in sales. He published 11 industry white papers and eight exhibiting books, presented over 100 trade show webinars, and wrote over 200 exhibit marketing blog posts.

6 responses to “10 Trade Show Promotional YouTube Videos

  1. This is a great tool for all trade shows. As a television producer/commercial video business, we are always ready to showcase businesses either on youtube or the television tube! Skyline is the premier place to get all the tools of the trade to have a business take center stage at any show. Thanks Skyline for keeping us on our toes!

  2. Great tips! Our clients primarily have used the last type – we create a promotional video after the show to use to promote future shows. What a great idea to post videos DURING shows that last multiple days! You can see some of our trade show videos at Be careful, though, one of the videos you praised had an obviously copyrighted song! It’s a slippery slope to encourage people to use copyrighted music.

    1. Thanks, Darcie. Perhaps the video creators did not realize that just as you can buy stock photography for your website and collateral, you can also find inexpensive stock music files to use as a background, instead of using music with copyrights. You can search for music that fits whatever mood you want, be it casual, upbeat, techno, classic or whatever.

  3. We produce content for pre-show, during and post show for several clients. When used properly, video is an extremely effective tool. We help educate clients on the options and need for cross-marketing the content. I like a few of the attached clips but not so keen on the low end productions. I feel it cheapens the company and the product. Quality video doens’t need to break your budget however be selctive on who you hire and what they deliver.

    1. Brad,

      Thanks for the comment. I like that you help your clients not only produce a video, but then help them find more ways to get it watched.

      I think that the flip camera, iPhone and the The YouTube Generation has changed the level of video production quality that is acceptable. That’s not to say that everyone can go with a camera view equivalent to ‘The Blair Witch Project.” It’s just that for smaller companies, it’s now okay to make their own videos, guerrilla-marketing style.

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